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Dec 22, 2008 08:26 PM

Globe Bistro??

I had a night out at Globe Bistro and found the service to be appaling and the food to be even worse. I know that there is a new movement in menus that the food be local and everyone is getting behind the slow food movement ,but is there no originality left in the city anymore? All the menus have the exact same food items , Caribou Hind, Beet and Goat Cheese Salad, Plough Man Plate, this place is nothing more than a rip off of an actual high-end Canadian restaurant in Canoe. Honestly this new movement is as bad , if not worse then the Tapa's craze of 2000. Please people don't waste your money on a pretentious nothing place like Globe, if your going to go and spend top end prices then please look for the places who do Canadian food well.

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  1. Hey chef223, thanks for your review. How was the service bad? And what was wrong with the food exactly?

    I've read very mixed things about Globe here. I actually think restaurants going local is a great idea. I've seen some places do it very well. I went to George last week, and I found their food quite good.

    And it's pretty obvious that Globe will not compare to Canoe. But neither do the prices. Is Globe really as bad as you say? Even for the prices? Either way, Globe really does seem like a place people should avoid. Seems very hit and miss at the moment.

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      The vast majority of comments about the Globe over a considerable period of time and from established credible posters are positive. One negative comment and you're suggesting this "seems" to be a place people should avoid?

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        I agree. Seems a bit harsh. I have been a few times now and had wonderful service, great food and found the staff to be extremely helpful. I have paid much more for meals that I have enjoyed much less.

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          Ah, you're right JamieK, that was harsh.

      2. I was at Globe about a month ago, and had a very different experience. Service was excellent - water glasses consistently refilled, warm reception at the door, thoughtful and honest counsel on the menu.

        Our food was good, and we thought it very reasonable value for the money. We felt like they were trying to take some risks with the menu and generally executing their dishes quite well (crab appetizer was lovely, beef and duck were both very good, one of our desserts fell flat, but the apple pudding was delicious). And actually, you won't find caribou or a ploughman's plate on their menu (you will find a beet salad, and I'm sick of that dish too).

        I'm with Stoned insofar as I don't think it's fair to compare Globe to Canoe. Globe's mains are all under $35 with most priced a little lower (Canoe's mains start at $39) and the feel is much more like a neighbourhood restaurant than an expense account place.

        I'm certainly not trying to invalidate your experience, but "rip off" is a pretty harsh condemnation when some of your indictments just aren't ringing true.

        1. One of the best meals I've ever eaten was at Globe last summer - try going back in peach and tomato season. Then their menu is spectacular.

          1. Globe Bistro - quick update review
            Having read very positive and very negative reviews of Globe - Danforth & Broadview - here is a thumb-nail sketch of my experience.

            Total cost for four including tip but excluding wine $ 215 ( i.e. call it a $50 per head sort of place.)

            All the food was inventive and largely based on local produce. Presentation imaginative. Taste combinations often unusual, surprising and engaging.

            This is not a straightforward steak and frites type bistro. The food is closer to futuristic Nouvelle Cuisine. Our starters included arugula salad with walnut cream, root vegetable soup with some uncommon roots. Mains included duck breast and Jerusalem artichoke, a very fine vegetable pasta, suckling pig and brawn. Dessert , salty liquorice with an apple friter sort of thing with pumkin ice-cream etc. etc. . See the website for accurate description.

            Extensive wine list, particularly of Canadian wine, little available under $ 45 per bottle.

            My guests were foodies from California and they loved the whole experience, food decor, and service.

            This is a place to go if you want a high quality meal that is different from run of the mill food. This is not a place to go if you want a filling, meat and potaoes type of meal.

            Hope this helps the rather polarised debate.


            for a further ten posts this month on exactly this topic.

            1. I had dinner at Globe last week and was extremely impressed with the food, service, and atmosphere. Since it opened I had heard mixed things and was never sure if I was willing to spend my hard earned money there. It turned out to be a thoroughly pleasant experience, and for what they offer, very fairly priced. The only small disappointment was the small portion of pork shoulder with my gnocchi - it was the day's special, and touted more as smoke pork shoulder and gnocchi, but the portion of pork was more like a large garnish. Delicious though! I absolutely loved the space, not too noisy (which is a reason I will never dine again at Gio's where I leave with a hoarse voice) and will definitely return.