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Dec 22, 2008 07:36 PM

Where to find dried lavender in Toronto?

I'm planning to make lavender ice cream. Anyone know where to get dried lavender and/or lavender extract?

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    1. I think I saw some dried lavender at the Spice Trader on Queen West.

      1. I've purchased it downstairs in the St. Lawrence Market

        1. Tatai, i just bought some McCormick's Lavender at Michaelangelo's in Mississauga. Its quality was more than acceptable. The lavender creme caramel I made was powerful so I will adjust my recipes to use less. It ought to be readily available if your usual grocer would just order it for you.
          Canada's largest lavender grower can be contacted at If you are ever in Quebec's Eastern Townships, it's a fascinating place to visit in the summer.

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            I'm so happy you told me about McCormick's now having lavender in their product lineup. I'd never have thought to look there, but I found it today in the spice aisle at Fiesta Farms.

          2. Lennie's Health Foods in Cabbagetown (right at the corner of Carlton and Parliament) has bags of dried lavender in the back of the store. I made some lavender-infused creme brulee with it. You may need a fair bit for the flavour to come through in a cold preparation like ice cream. It's tricky though. Too little and the taste is barely detectable, too much and the taste gets quite unpleasant.