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Dec 22, 2008 05:15 PM

Making Mashed Potatoes with No Ricer or Food Mill

I am going to be making a Goat Cheese Mashed Potato Gratin for a side on Christmas but the recipe is saying that I need a ricer or a food mill and I don't have either. And I know that I just can't smash them with my potato masher since it has to be a creamy consistency verse a thicker and chunkier consistency. How would you go about this? I have a Kitchenaid but only have the whisk, hook, and paddle attachments. would any of those work?? Thanks in advance:)

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  1. I always use hand held mixer:

    If not i'd bet that your whisk attachment would work just fine.

    1. I just made mashed potatoes and used the paddle attachment to my KA. Also made them for T'giving. Just keep adding butter and cream til you get the consistency you want.

      1. Problem with the mixer is that, if you don't get it exactly right, by the time your puree is smooth it's turning to a starchy glue. Paddle attachment on a KitchenAid is probably the safest power alternative; however, I've turned out plenty of perfectly smooth potatoes with my old potato masher, the heavy-wire kind. It's work, but it's so much less likely to turn those spuds to wallpaper paste. I guess some people think that's how mashed potatoes are supposed to taste, but I find it disgusting. I'd rather have lumps than that.

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          ACtually she's looking for "creamy" but I got lumpy ones without any problem. Slow speed and keeping an eye on it. But I will admit that had the KA not already been on the counter for something else, I would have just used the old-fashioned kind.

          1. re: Will Owen

            Righto! I wouldn't use a mixer either.

            Cook the potatoes slightly more and use an old-fashioned masher. Anything that isn't fully puréed will fall apart when you whisk everything together with a balloon whisk by hand.

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              I'm thinking that the KA paddle is much gentler than the beaters on a hand mixer. Mine are super chunky.

            2. re: Will Owen

              I realized that my potatoes were originally in 2" square cubes (approx.) so when they went into the mixer bowl, they were big so didn't emulsify. I'm reheating them this minute in the slow cooker and they're still chunky. I did discover, however, on T'giving that I needed to stir them gently while reheating or they did get mushy.

            3. Thanks so much! I have no idea why I didn't think of the hand mixer or why my kitchen aid wouldn't be able to do the trick.

              1. I've never had any trouble at all getting creamy mashed potatoes using only a masher. Use russets (Idahoes, Burbanks), peel, and cut up larger potatoes into smaller chunks. Cook until distintegrating a bit, and mash. But using small, non-starchy spuds, or whole russets, will give you a chunkier mash.

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                1. re: mpalmer6c

                  I'm with you. A proper masher should do the job with no fuss.