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Dec 22, 2008 04:49 PM

French bistro ideas!

Hi Everyone!

A ladyfriend from out of town is visiting and I'm looking for a nice french bistro in Toronto , I've heard good things about Le Select and La Palette and welcome any advice.

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  1. La Palette is nice. Their 'off the menu' Quack and Track (Duck Confit and Horse Tenderloin) is always a winning menu item. It's quaint and has a bit of a bohemian quality to it and the price point is typical of a bistro.
    Le Select is not a restaurant I have been to since it moved from it's Queen West location so I can not say how it fairs now.
    Here are some other options:
    1. Le Paradis near the Ave and Dav area. It epitomizes a typical french bistro from it's decor to it's menu. It's a neighbourhood haunt that many residents frequent on a regular basis. Their frites are great and the wine list is limited but affordable. The only item I would avoid would be the Cassoulet. Perhaps I had it on an 'off' day but I found the legumes to be undercooked.
    2. Tati Bistro on Harbord. A great new bistro. Does fish extremely well.
    3. Batifole on Gerrard Street East. Though I have not been there, I have been informed by somebody who's palate and judgement I wholly trust that it is a well executed french bistro.
    Out of curiosity, where is your ladyfriend from? It may very well influence where you would take her.

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      Re: the cassoulet at Le Paradis, I think it may have been an off day when CheddarCheese went. My husband ordered it one time we were there, and it was fabulous (legumes fully cooked).

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        I have been to Batifole and can say that we had a thoroughly enjoyable meal. It is a smallish restaurant in an odd location, on the fringe of Chinatown east. Don't let that stop you from trying it however. Service was excellent and the food quite enjoyable. For a small restaurant they also had quite an extensive wine list, all French of course. This restaurant has been well reviewed so I won't go into the details, but having been a patron... I will go back and do recommend it.

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          I support suggestion by CheddarCheese of Le Paradis. I always order the bourride or bouillabaisse - and am always fully satisfied. Excellent pricing ($15-18 for mains) and great professional service.

        2. Biff's at Front and Yonge is quie decent as well.

          1. how about Thuet on King West for their Alsatian fare?

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              I was underwhelmed at Le Paradis.
              Le Select had great food, great atmoshpere.
              Loire was excellent on a much smaller scale.
              Pastis is very good.
              Midi if you are looking for the economical....

            2. Le Select is my favourite, although I like Midi too.

              I want to like La Palette, but we had wreck-your-evening bad services issues on our last visit.

              1. IMHO,
                Merlot on Bloor west and Royal York is Tops. alittle bit out of the way.
                Bon Appetite