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French bistro ideas!

Hi Everyone!

A ladyfriend from out of town is visiting and I'm looking for a nice french bistro in Toronto , I've heard good things about Le Select and La Palette and welcome any advice.

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  1. La Palette is nice. Their 'off the menu' Quack and Track (Duck Confit and Horse Tenderloin) is always a winning menu item. It's quaint and has a bit of a bohemian quality to it and the price point is typical of a bistro.
    Le Select is not a restaurant I have been to since it moved from it's Queen West location so I can not say how it fairs now.
    Here are some other options:
    1. Le Paradis near the Ave and Dav area. It epitomizes a typical french bistro from it's decor to it's menu. It's a neighbourhood haunt that many residents frequent on a regular basis. Their frites are great and the wine list is limited but affordable. The only item I would avoid would be the Cassoulet. Perhaps I had it on an 'off' day but I found the legumes to be undercooked.
    2. Tati Bistro on Harbord. A great new bistro. Does fish extremely well.
    3. Batifole on Gerrard Street East. Though I have not been there, I have been informed by somebody who's palate and judgement I wholly trust that it is a well executed french bistro.
    Out of curiosity, where is your ladyfriend from? It may very well influence where you would take her.

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      Re: the cassoulet at Le Paradis, I think it may have been an off day when CheddarCheese went. My husband ordered it one time we were there, and it was fabulous (legumes fully cooked).

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        I have been to Batifole and can say that we had a thoroughly enjoyable meal. It is a smallish restaurant in an odd location, on the fringe of Chinatown east. Don't let that stop you from trying it however. Service was excellent and the food quite enjoyable. For a small restaurant they also had quite an extensive wine list, all French of course. This restaurant has been well reviewed so I won't go into the details, but having been a patron... I will go back and do recommend it.

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          I support suggestion by CheddarCheese of Le Paradis. I always order the bourride or bouillabaisse - and am always fully satisfied. Excellent pricing ($15-18 for mains) and great professional service.

        2. Biff's at Front and Yonge is quie decent as well.

          1. how about Thuet on King West for their Alsatian fare?

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              I was underwhelmed at Le Paradis.
              Le Select had great food, great atmoshpere.
              Loire was excellent on a much smaller scale.
              Pastis is very good.
              Midi if you are looking for the economical....

            2. Le Select is my favourite, although I like Midi too.

              I want to like La Palette, but we had wreck-your-evening bad services issues on our last visit.

              1. IMHO,
                Merlot on Bloor west and Royal York is Tops. alittle bit out of the way.
                Bon Appetite

                1. A few uptown thoughts:

                  Coquine (yonge/manor) is very fun, bustling, lovely food and great service - very parisian feel inside.

                  There is a new spot called Mogette on Mt Pleasant south of Eg that also looks pretty good, but have never been.

                  1. Here's Joanne Kate's listing of to restaurants for 2008. Apparently, it's the year of brilliant bistros: