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Jan 29, 2004 05:23 PM

Gold Line - stops beyond Chinatown

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Continuing on with the subway theme from the "Red Line to Union Station to Santa Barbara and back to Traxx" thread - what are some good places within walking distance of any of the Gold Line stops after Chinatown? We would be willing to walk more than a block or two - we do it when visiting NY, why not at home in LA?

My husband and I, from the inception of the Red Line, have taken it on Saturdays from North Hollywood to downtown on countless occasions for lunch at Grand Central Market or Olvera Street or wherever. Last time, a few weeks ago, just for fun we took the Gold Line to the end and back. Del Mar seems the most promising, but South Pasadena looked like it was in a cute area, and maybe one of the others where you can see Figueroa. Any ideas would be much appreciated, thanks.

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  1. From the Del Mar platform you have access to Old Town Pasadena, right around the corner going north on Fairoaks and then in either direction on Colorado Boulevard. There is a multitude of dining spots in Old Town. I think Gordon Bierch brewry is also across the street from the Del Mar platform. The Del Mar platform is between and parallel to Fairoaks Boulevafrd and Arroyo Seco boulevard. On Arroy Seco is The Salt Shaker (coffee shop), Houston's, Parkway Grill and Arroyo Chop House and other small joints in mini-malls and adjacent to the car wash.

    I am not sure where the platform is in South Pasadena, but there is a wealth of dining opporunities along Fairoaks between the freeway and Huntington Drive. There is also a branch of Bristol Farms on Fairoaks.

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      On Fairoaks, just north of Del Mar is Soda Jerks, where you can get light lunch and Fossleman's ice cream for dessert.

    2. In South Pas, there is a restaurant called Firefly Bistro. I had a nice dinner there last summer. It's mostly an outdoor patio space (covered). Not the greatest in the world, but very pleasant (and one block, if that, from the Gold Line stop). See link below.

      Also within walking distance is the Fair Oaks pharmacy, with its old-time soda fountain. Highly recommended.


      1. Right next to the Mission stop is Nicoles Gourmet Foods - yummy pate' sandwiches, cheese, gourmet items

        1. At Highland Park there are a number of places on Fig., right by the station there, including Estrella for tacos, but somebody should chime in on that, I've just begun to explore that. The gem La Abeja is close to the Southwest Mus. stop.
          Definitely Nicole's in South Pas., (and hike up north a block w/your sandwich to Busters for good coffee drinks and Fosselmans ice cream).
          Not many destinations at Fillmore Stn. although there's a thai place up the block, Los Tacos which gets mention here is about 3 blocks away, oh and Monty's which is a classic old school steak joint, kitty corner from there.
          Ton's of options in Old Town, of course. A great restaurant near Memorial Prk. Stn. is the Tibetan one next to Cafe Bizou; go up to Holly make a right (away from city hall) and walk a block and half, it's on the south side.
          Not much very close to Lake but if you're willing to walk like a half mile or so there are many options near Lake and Colorado including Pita Pita, and the adjacent Japon Bistro, both Chowhound perennial faves.

          1. Thanks for the suggestions. It sounds like there are lots of promising places to explore.

            The Firefly Bistro website is interesting in that it actually has a separate desserts section within the menu section. I kind of like that, plus the desserts look really interesting. Overall, the menu seems quite ambitious and I wonder if the execution can match.

            Too bad we can't just take the Gold Line right to Fosselman's in Alhambra. Living in Sherman Oaks, unless we bring an ice chest we're about at max distance in terms of bringing Fosselman's home from the store, but we've done it. Man, I love their English toffee, so lucious.