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Dec 22, 2008 04:34 PM

Open for Dinner Christmas Day In St. Louis?

Out of Town visitor (from D.C.), looking for something other than Denny's open Christmas Day for dinner in St. Louis. Any recomendations gratefully accepted, as I'm having no luck finding anything other than IHOP or Denny's.

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  1. Eau in the Chase Park Plaza. At least one restaurant at Lumiere Place, the casino downtown that's under the Four Seasons Hotel. Most Chinese restaurants. Kabob Palace, the new Afghani/Persian place on Manchester in Ballwin. And probably more.

    1. I hear that the Top of the Millenium is serving Christmas brunch, as well as the Hyatt (which was formerly The Adam's Mark) does brunch.

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        When I phoned several weeks ago to ask about the Sunday brunch, they said they no longer did it, it was just their regular weekend "breakfast buffet", to use a direct quote. Don't know about Xmas plans, but the great weekly brunches there, complete with live music, are no more.