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Dec 22, 2008 04:34 PM

What to do with tons of fresh basil and parsley?

I have a lot of extra fresh basil and parsley after making sauce and meatballs. I am going to chop and freeze some, and make some bruchetta, but with the holidays right now...
i wonder if people have some good ideas for which to use up the rest?

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  1. I would recommend to make pesto...but if you are not into eating such things, it would be an expensive mistake.....

    Consider making infused oils. You can drizzle the oils into future salads, soups and pasta dishes.

    1. I love this Batali hearty soup and it uses a "bunch" of parsley. Hard to believe that this much parsley would take good, but it does.

      1. I had the same issue a few months ago. I made Tomato-Basil soup. I used Ina Gartens recipe because it used alot of basil (4 cups if I recall), and it turned out great

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          I love that idea... I am in MN, so it is colder than h***, so soup is on the menu for any meal :)

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            It was pretty easy to make, but I did have to invest in an inexpensive food mill, around $30.00. The flavor and texture were just right as I wanted it to be kind of rustic.

        2. Pesto freezes really well, so if you do like it, try that. Just blend all your ingredients, without the parmesan, pour into an ice-cube tray, and freeze. Then you can store the individual cubes in a ziploc and use them as needed. It does work MUCH better if you leave out the Parmesan until you are ready to eat it, though. It will separate otherwise.

          Otherwise, try doing something non-italian with it, to mix it up. I know that thai basil is different, but you can always do a "thai inspired" dish like a spicy basil noodle stir-fry or something.

          1. You can try make this salad dressing---a big hit in my family. Here is the thread I wrote.
            Also to get the "basil paste" I mention I take basil and puree with a drop of olive oil and freeze in ice cube tray. Different than pesto.
            Then I defrost a cube every time I make this dressing.

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              What about basil cocktails? I remember having one at a bar in Albuquerque once called a basito (a basil mojito)... rum, lime juice, sugar and basil instead of mint. Maybe add some fresh cranberries to make Christmas colors!