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Dec 22, 2008 04:32 PM

your favorite way to use ground lamb?

do tell!

I use it in a great chili, Greek lasagna and meatballs with cumin, but would love new ideas.

I have a couple of pounds waiting in the freezer


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  1. Greek style pizza with toasted pine nuts, feta, mint, etc.

    1. Lamburgers are excellent. I usually mix the ground lamb with some finely diced onions (sweet if possible), herbs du provence and salt & pepper. These grill up really nicely and are very flavorful. You can add cheese and other garnishes as you wish, but they are not necessary. These are best on a fairly hearty bun (Ciabatta bread works well).

      1. Stuffed grape leaves! Seasoned lamb, finely chopped onion, raw rice, maybe 1+ Tbs ball rolled up in each leave (rinse the brine off first), enough to fit fairly tightly into a 2" deep baking dish seam side down. Pour mixture of hot water and tomato sauce over, bake @ 350ยบ for about an hour. Haven't done this in years, so you might want to look up a recipe that doesn't depend on some old dude's memory... Seems to me my ex laid a wire rack over the top to keep the suckers from floating, but I never did.

        I love it as part of a meat loaf mixture, too, in whatever proportions I'm preferring at the moment.

        1. Definitely lamb burgers, as SF mentioned, but watch the flare ups on the grill or under the broiler. They rend a *lot* of fat. Delicious, though!

          Mixed with rice, diced tomatoes, garlic and chopped fresh herbs to stuff baked bell peppers or eggplant; or, mixed with couscous, rough diced eggplant, lemon zest and fresh mint in the eggplant shells.

          1. I love lamb bolognese sauce; in my view, much better than beef. Also, you can use it in a pie mixed with plenty of veg, some feta cheese and egg with phyllo pastry. Lamb burgers are great, especially if you add goats cheese to the mix and spices and leave to marinate for a couple of hours. They go really well with a greek yogurt sauce (made with chopped garlic, honey, basil and paprika).

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              yes, lamb bolognese.
              or a lamby red sauce with a handful of fresh basil.
              or lamb burgers with cumin
              or a stuffed flatbread, like paratha (way easier than it appears at first glance)