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Dec 22, 2008 04:22 PM

Denver cheese markets

Will be staying in Denver for three days prior to skiing in Vail. Would like to buy some nice cheese and salumi to take to Vail. Could anyone recommend any great cheese shops in Denver that could compare to Murrays and Artisanal in NYC (the alternatives in Vail are rather poor...). Thanks for the help.


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  1. Both The Truffle ( and St. Kilian's Cheese Shop ( are excellent, as is the Cheese Company ( and Urban Pantry ( Of the four, however, my favorite is The Truffle. It's remarkably busy this time of year, so be patient.

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      Actually, my favorite cheese shop is Eat! in Edwards (just west of Vail). I can't tell you how it compares with places in NY but it is a nice little shop.

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        Good list, Gastronaughty. I would add that Marczyck's Fine Food (, 770 E 17th, Uptown) has a good cheese selection -- stored in a temperature- and humidity-control cheese "cave."

        Whole Foods also carries lots of good imported and domestric cheeses.

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          Thanks to all for the suggestions-will try to check them all out. Happy Holidays!

      2. O.K so this is 6 days late, but if you want to make the 45 minute drive to Longmont (north of Denver), you have to go to La Fromagerie Cheese Importers ( They have a huge selection of top cheeses from around the world (in a large walk-in temp controlled cheese room), with a big focus on French cheeses. They also sell dry cured meets, and a great selection of condiments, chocolate, crackers, pates and fresh bread.

        The SO and I went up there yesterday, and spent WAY too much money :). It's an amazing place.