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Dec 22, 2008 04:21 PM

Can I partially cook rib roast then reheat on Christmas??

I have two boneless rib roasts that are approx. 5 lbs. each and a very small oven (it's about 40 years old) that will definitely not accomodate both at the same time. I'm going to be making some additional dishes that will need to go into the oven as well. Could I partially cook the roasts and finish cooking them or reheat them to temp (I suspect this method would overcook them) on Christmas Day? If so, what would you recommend I cook them to? Any thoughts on which method is better... high temp? Low temp? I've never cooked rib roasts before and would hate to mess up $100 worth of meat!! Thank you any thoughts! Also, any favorite rubs, sauces, etc? Thank you and happy holidays!

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  1. I'm not an expert on the precooking of rib roasts, but it seems to me that this would not work out very well because by the time you have brought them up to temp, they will be overcooked as you mentioned.

    How about precooking your sides and then reheating them while your beef rests?

    1. The short answer is....yes you could, but it is my belief quality would be compromised somewhat. Unless I am missing something, you would still run into the problem of reheating both roasts at the same time as well. As in y previous posts on Prime Rib Roasts, I am in favor of slow roasting at a low temperature of 225*. If you were to reheat the roasts again, this is the only way I would suggest you do would have to take the roasts out to warm to room temperature and then reheat again at 250* or less for around an hour......but this just sounds like a repeat of an original roasting less a little time. In my opinion not worth it.

      Final analysis....Unless you intend to serve the rib roast at room temperature...I would not recommend reheating to due to quality and time management.

      Just a thought. why don't you post your full menu for your day. Maybe we can all chip in with some ideas for for you in the time management department to get you through the day efficiently instead and you can have freshly prepared roasts for everyone.

      1. Thanks for the help! I was actually able to roast them both in the same roasting pan... it fit, but barely. It turned out great! Now, what to do with the 5 lb roast that no one even ate???