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Dec 22, 2008 04:02 PM

Visiting Seattle (unless flight is cancelled) Need Help

I'm visiting Seattle for about 10 days, starting on Christmas Day, if the weather cooperates and lets my flight go through. The Seattle area has some quality Italian restaurants, so I'm requesting help on finding a place that is serving tortellini Bolognese in brodo right now. I've struck out in my hometown of San Diego, but I'm hoping that my luck changes in Seattle. Thanks.

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  1. Hands down the best pasta in Seattle now is Spinasse. Haven't had tortellini there but their ravioli and agnolotti are superior.

    If I didn't have other plans, I'd be making reservations for New Year's Eve there now... (


    Seattle, WA, Seattle, WA

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    1. re: terrier

      The New Year's Eve menu looks promising, i.e. the agnolotti in brodo. The bollito misto also sounds fantastic. I just left them a message asking about tortellini Bolognese in brodo. Wish they'd answer the phone instead of putting you into voice mail.

    2. beantowntitletown -- I'm also from San Diego, now living in Seattle. Don't miss Spinasse, even if your exact dish is not on the menu. This spectacular new restaurant is a treat to us all. If there's room, go and enjoy it!

      1. Another great Italian spot is Tulio on Madison. The sweet potato gnocchi is excellent. Also, do not miss Salumi....fantastic cured meats, handmade mozarella, etc. Perhaps one of the best sandwiches in the city.


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          Can't go wrong with Spinasse if you can get in, great pastas. I also really like the pasta at Tavolata downtown, which can be a iittle easier to manage if not as intimate.

          Though both are solid, it's funny to me to hear someone talk about Seattle as known for it's Italian food! I'd think you could do better closer to home in LA or SF???

          1. re: pusherman

            I wouldn't say Seattle is known for its Italian food, but it's got some quality places like Cafe Juanita, Il Terrazzo Carmine, and, after your recommendations and looking at the menu, Spinasse. Also, I'm looking for a specific dish, not Italian in general.

            I have family in Seattle, so I get up there regularly. Even though LA and SF are much closer, I rarely go there.