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Dec 22, 2008 03:01 PM

Au Gratin Potatoes Recipe

Looking for a good, dependable au gratin potato recipe to serve with ham. A crockpot recipe would be good if you have one you've tried. Otherwise the oven is fine. Thanks

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  1. Are you looking for the cheesy American version (a la Betty Crocker) or the cheese-free creamy French version?

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    1. I have a fantastic sweet potato one with creamy lemon ginger sauce.

      And a four onion gratin that was fantastic.

      Sorry, nothing on the potatoes au gratin.

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      1. re: lexpatti

        i know this is from a long time ago, but if you're still out there lexpatti, i'd love the sweet potato one!

        1. re: lollya

          Lexpatti posted a link to the recipe in another thread. Here it is:

          1. re: toveggiegirl

            Yes, that's it - totallly phenominal dish!!!

      2. I don think you need a complicated recipe really.
        Potatoes, cream, cheese...
        I like romano, pecorino, and parmesan.

        Add some very thinly slice onions, chop up some roasted garlic, salt and pepper.

        Grease your pan and roast till tender -make sure to top with some bread crumbs and more cheese.

        1. This is simple and it works:

          Pre heat oven to about 375F (if you are roasting something else at say 400 then that would be fine)

          Peel and thinly slice as many potatoes as you need (I use 1 fist sized per person), waxy verieties work best. Place them in a saucepan.

          Just about cover with a 50/50 mix of whole milk and heavy cream, well seasoned with salt and pepper. Bring this up to simmering point with a bit of stirring. Add some grated nutmeg if you like.

          Spoon the hot mixture into a suitable baking/gratin dish (you could wipe a cut clove of garlic round the inside of the dish first), and into the oven with it until the top is golden brown. Probably about 45 minutes.

          If you want the cheesy version, which would be nice with your ham, then add a handfull of grated Gruyere (or similar) into the pre-heat stage, and sprinkle some more over prior to baking.

          This is pretty much taken from the great Roux brothers, who have continuously held 3 Michelin stars here in the UK for over 25 years

          Edit: This re-heats well (cool, cover and fridge it, of course) 24 hours later.

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          1. re: Robin Joy

            Robin Joy: Thank you. I used this recipe and it turned out great! The only thing I added was some grated onion in the saucepan and I did put a little chopped garlic in the bottom of the baking pan before adding the potato mixture.

          2. This is my 'go-to' gratin for potatoes... Patricia Well's Gratin Dauphinois. Very easy and just terrific:

            1 garlic clove, halved
            2 pds. potatoes, peeled and sliced thin
            4 oz. swiss cheese grated (Gruyere, ideally)
            2 cups milk
            1/2 cup cream

            preheat oven to 375

            rub the inside of baking dish with garlic

            combine potatoes, 3/4 of cheese, milk cream, salt and pepper in a large bowl. Mix well. Spoon into baking dish, pouring the liquid over potatoes. Cover with remaining cheese.

            Place in oven and bake about 1 hr. 15 minutes.

            It is as easy as that. If you want to take 5 minutes and be a little more fancy, you can arrange the potatoes in layers and then press them down for about 30 minutes with a plate topped with canned goods. Either way, they are terrific.

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            1. re: Tom P

              Do you add the liquid before or after putting wieght on the potatoes?

              1. re: rozz01

                Before. Don't over do it. You want the potatoes a little past wet but not soaked. You can always add a little liquid after they are pressed.

                And don't worry! They tend to come out great no matter what!

              2. re: Tom P

                I made this tonight. What a mess. The cheese on top was way overcooked (I had some doubts about it at first, but went with the recipe instructions), and the potatoes, while cooked through, were sitting in a huge puddle of colored water and curdled milk/cheese goop.

                Won't be making this again. Very disappointed.

                1. re: RelishPDX

                  I had a similar bad experience. Here's a link to the helpful suggestions I received to fix it. I haven't tried it again, but I will!


                  1. re: Heidi cooks and bakes

                    Yup, I remember that thread. As I mentioned in the spatchcocking thread, I was interested in Patricia Wells' prep/recipe, as it seemed unique and received high praise.

                    I didn't hold my potatoes long at all, just a few minutes in cool water so they wouldn't change color.

                    I'm going to go back to the Pioneer Woman's recipe and just cut the cream down bit by bit until I get to the consistency I want, add more cheese in-between the layers, and also use peeled potato slices instead of unpeeled chunks!

                    Hopefully, that'll get the dish to where I want it to be.