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Dec 22, 2008 02:42 PM

EO Noodle in Framingham, Mass. closed?

Can someone confirm this?

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  1. Please say it isn't so...we just called and there is no answer...

    1. I haven't been in Framingham for about 4 years, but worked there between 2000-2004. EO Noodle was hands down my favorite place for lunch. Unfortunately i can't get noodles like that in Maine unless I make them myself.

      If it is true that they closed, that is really a shame.

      1. We had take-out on Thursday, the 18th, and he didn't say anything about closing. We always chat, and everything seemed OK. We'll drive by tonight and investigate. This will be truly tragic if it's true. MetroWest has surprisingly little really good Chinese food! I hope we have good news to report tomorrow.

        1. They are open! My friend just called them. Hooray!

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            Thank you! That's great news!!

            Since moving from the metrowest area to Vermont, that is the one place that we really pine for. I hope they stay open. I think we may have to make a special New Year's trip down there.

          2. They are open.. Just talked to them I wanted to head there later today. 11:30 to 9 everyday.