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Dec 22, 2008 02:26 PM

Food and fun in/around Sunday River

Going Skiing for a long weekend!! Suggestions for dinner and drinks - apres ski, breakfast, etc.... ?

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  1. Anybody? (Bueller... Bueller?) - sorry, had to add that!

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      Okay, I haven't been there this year, so these recommendations are somewhat dated. On mountain, Phoenix House and Well is the best food overall. Phoenix House is fancier, won a Wine Spectator award, for what that's worth. Downstairs, is the Well, a pub like spot, very popular apres ski, good spot for lunch. Also on mountain is Gringo Harry's, in the Fall Line condos, for upscale Tex Mex.

      Down the access road, Great Grizzley/Matterhorn is the place for pizza, pastas, steaks, etc. Wood-burning oven. Again, extremely popular apres ski, and it usually has live music on weekends. SR just opened the chondola and is serving dinner on mountain this season. The Rivah's never been renowned for its food, but might be worth checking out. Also for apres ski: Foggy Goggle.

      In Bethel: Cho Sun for Korean food; BBQ Bob's Real Pit BBQ in an orange trailer, for bbq but dress warm, no inside seating; Jolly Drayman, real English pub with good ales and stout; Cafe DiCocoa for javas, baked goods, and ask about its ethnic dinner series; Victoria Inn for fine dining; Sud's Pub at the Sudbury Inn for apres ski and Hoot Nighe (Thursday), open mic running 30-plus years. Cheap breakfast (and other meals) at Crossroads Diner.