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Dec 22, 2008 01:58 PM

3 Guys - one from NYC, one from Dallas, one from Ohio - need dinner. Where?

Have two friends coming in first week of January. They're staying at the Helmsley 42nd St. - I'm on the West Side.

Need ideas for dinner - not a steakhouse. Would like to (unfortunately) stay somewhere in Midtown area - west side?

Was thinking bar Americain, but my Dallas friend would know it's a fraud!

Maybe seafood? Looking for a fun place - loud is fine, good bar, etc...

Don't want to get too price - not in THIS economy!

Thanks, Chowhounders!

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    1. re: steve h.

      Yeah not too sure, but I happen to like it there.

      Since you want to stay midtown, west, you can go to AJ Maxwells
      You can even go to the Oyster Bar in Grand Central
      or PJ Clarke's at LincolnCenter

      1. re: steve h.

        why a fraud? Well, I think that since my friend has lived in Dallas for the last 15 years, he would know good Southwestern style food - not what Bobby F offers!

        1. re: UpperWestFam


          bar americain is not southwestern style food. you might be thinking of mesa grill. bar americain is a riff on an american-inspired brasserie. give the seafood cocktails, the mussels, the house-made chips and the hanger steak a shot and you'll see what i mean. the seafood platter and the ham tastings are pretty good, too.

          the room is large and drop-dead gorgeous. the bar is a terrific place to hang out. nothing "southwestern" about it at all.

          1. re: UpperWestFam

            I am not a fan of Bar Americain since the one meal we had there was pretty awful. However, unlike Mesa Grill, B.A.'s menu does not focus on Southwestern-style food a la Flay but rather on what he views as typical American food found in many regions throughout the U.S.

        2. "fun, loud, good bar and seafood" makes me think of lure fishbar in soho

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          1. re: ChileRelleno

            That's a good choice...the food isn't the most oustanding or cheap in town, but it sounds like a good option for you all.