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Dec 22, 2008 01:35 PM

Georgia's Eastside BBQ - recent trip?

Has anyone been to georgia's recently? If so, was it good? What did you have? What should be avoided? is it still BYOB?


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  1. Haven't been in months but I am a fan of this place. Can't say for sure if it is still BYOB, obviously, but I guess it is. If it bothers you that the bathroom is across the street in another place then you will have a problem. It is small, too, but very good and cheap.
    Sundays were All You Can Eat ribs. Again can't promise it is still the same.
    28 bux(at the time) and 3 sides. Honestly, a waste if you are not a huge eater but for the big boys, it is great.
    When the guy is paying proper attention to cooking times, this place is amazingly good for what it is. BBQ chicken is good, too. They used to not have mac n cheese which bothered me. Then again, since most mac n cheese is awful, I shouldn't care.
    Green beans are def good.

    1. i have been a few times and had very good experiences the meats are allways good and the sides are very interesting and seem to change regularly the trick with the byo is to go to wholefoods on houston and get beer they have a huge selection as well as draft boutique beers
      the service is very good they even have southern accents ( real i think) !!!! im british what do i know ?
      i have tryed quite a few ny bbq places and think this is one of the best i get the idea that the food is prepared in small batches and in a more artisinal manner than some of the bigger places

      1. They don't serve authentic bbq, but the ribs are still pretty good. The pulled pork on the other hand has a funny taste. Haven't tried the brisket since they only serve it on tuesdays. The best thing on the menu is the andouille sausage. I wouldn't go here if you are looking for anything with a smokey flavor.

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