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Dec 22, 2008 01:30 PM

Can one substitute good chopped liver for liver pate in Beef Wellington?

Greetings! I am making a kosher version of Beef Wellington (actually using loin of Venison). Most recipes call for liver pate or in some cases foie gras. I have neither in kosher versions and am thinking of substituting good chopped liver. Do you think this will work?



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  1. Yes. Just curious, grew up in kosher home, I understand that venison can be kosher if it was killed by a shochect, but how is the loin piece of meat kosher? Also, what are using for pastry wrapping, as most commercial puff pastry contains butter (milchig).

    I have also successfully used a good multi-mushroom forcemeat with herbs for stuffing. If you want recipe, let m eknow.

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      Check Musicon farms - and looks like you can the hind legs so they muct remove the sciatica nerve - also there is now available in the kosher frozene food section a pareve puff pastry - I forget the manufacturer -

    2. you can replace the pate with mushroom duxelle(basically fine chopped mushrooms, shallots,garlic cooked down with red wine or port) and if you purchase a cheaper brand of puff pastry you will find that they use margerine instead of butter.

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        yes, most commonly i have made beef wellington with mushroom duxelle which i think is the best.

        beware of margerine, it often contains dairy products.

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