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Dec 22, 2008 01:27 PM

High quality beef jerky

I was hoping to pick up some high quality beef jerky at the Healthy Butcher on Eglinton as a stocking gift for a beef jerky lover -- trouble is, they're out of stock right now. Does anyone have any other suggestions (preferably in the midtown area) as to where I might find it? Thanks!

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  1. This might be taking things in a different direction, but when I was in Vietnam, there were many varieties of jerky on offer, from grocery stores to open-air markets. You might want to hit a Vietnamese/Southeast Asian store to check out their offerings. I used to shop at a store in the Black Creek and Lawrence area. TnT might have a decent selection as well, as jerky is pretty popular in China as well. I live in Windsor right now and my go-to Vietnamese stores all carry at least a few different types. Some are very high quality.

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      Both the T&T at Steeles & McCowan and the Vietnamese sandwich shop next door sell multiple varieties of beef jerky, including the fruit-flavoured ones commonly used in green papaya salad.

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        hey... I live in Windsor too... I was wondering if you could tell me which Asian stores in Windsor have good beef jerky... I was not aware that asian stores carried Jerky I am going to check out the asian stores on wyandotte near the bridge today...

      2. Whole Foods has some, but of course the cost is ridiculous

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          Thanks to both of you. Given the time crunch I'm in, I'm likely to opt for expensive but convenient over inexpensive but out-of-the-way, so perhaps will check out Whole Foods (subject to any further suggestions).

        2. If you want to give asian jerky a shot, this brand is carried at pretty much every Chinese supermarket I've ever been in. Asian jerky is more moist than whitey jerky btw.

          1. Best beef jerky ever: blue goose organic (from whole foods)

            It's not loaded with preservatives and it actually tastes like a dried out ministeak :) As it should, they use some pretty good meat for it.

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              St. Lawrence market has some, Schefflers deli.

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                Definitely St. Lawrence Market. The very best is called Landjager, it's a sort of pressed rectangular shape. Technically more of a dried cured sausage, but much chewier and extremely addictive. I believe they also carry stuff that looks more like jerky. They're available at the cheese/deli in one of the west side stalls. If you have trouble finding what you want, go right to the back and ask the guy at Alex Farms, they know everything.

            2. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. I ended up going to Whole Foods and picking up some Blue Goose, primarily because it was the most convenient, but also because it sounds good (and is Canadian!). Will report back when the recipient has tried it...

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                Great to hear! The recipient won't be disappointed :)

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                  I sampled some of the Blue Goose and it was quite good. That being said, I'm about as far from a beef jerky expert as they come....