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Dec 22, 2008 01:17 PM

Breakfast Condado Area of Puerto Rico

I am going to San Juan in a few days and staying for the first time in Marriott on Condado Beach. Can anyone recommend an inexpensive breakfast spot - coffee and breakfast sandwiches/donuts/pastries is fine.

Last 2 years we stayed at the Intercontinental and there was a good bagel bakery in the strip mall across the street that had excellent coffee and good breakfast sandwiches/pastries.

Also Candado dinner recommendations would be helpful. So far on my list to maybe try are Ummo (likely - sounds good) and Via Appia (if menu looks OK - not that into trying pizza in San Juan).

In Isla Verde we all liked Casa Dante a lot, and Metropol as well (although a little bit more of a factory and not as pleasant as Casa Dante). Not that big on hotel restaurants but the Japanese Hibatchi Steak House in Intercontintal was actually good and fun and the early bird special dinner was pretty reasonable.

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  1. Oh, we'll be there tomorrow (not looking forward to all the rain in the forecast). One of my favorite breakfast/lunch places is Kasalta Bakery in Ocean Park (neighborhood bordering Condado). It's about a 15 minute walk from the Marriott.

    If you liked Metropol, there's a location near Condado in Hato Rey (south of Condado). It's about a 20 minute walk from the Marriott.

    1. Just got back from Puerto Rico. Will post dinner comments on different thread. Re: my orignial question - lots of choices around Marriott. Coffee bar in hotel was OK and semi-reasonable. There is a small local restaurant - Orozco - a couple of blocks to the right of the hotel that had good breakfast and lunch (Cuban sandwich, etc.) at very reasonable prices. Danny's International to the left of the hotel near lots of other restaurants also OK for breakfast.

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        Did you try the coffee at Euforia on Ashford Ave? It's an interesting spot (combo coffee bar/high end spa products retailer) with very lovely, helpful owners. They serve locally produced coffee that is of very high quality, neither too heavy, nor too acidic.

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          Thanks for information. My family of four will be staying at marriot next week. Any other recommendations for breakfast, lunch, or dinner would be appreciated

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            There is a place called Danny's (pizza place I think?) that makes an excellent inexpensive breakfast.

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              There's also a place called Pure and Natural on Ashford that has excellent healthy food. It opens at 11am. There's not a ton of great food in Condado, unfortunately. But this place is great! Whatever you do, don't go to JAM. It's a vanity project started by someone who, as far as I know, used to bartend at the Ritz Carlton, but knows nothing about food. My mother and I had a disgusting meal there. I ordered a piece of fish that came with a bizarre sludge of hummus, covered in golden raisins. The owner looked at it and admitted it was improperly prepared but still charged me close to $20 for it. It was inedible.

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                There's another interesting place on the way from Ocean Park to Isla Verde called Atlantica Marisceria (pardon my spelling). That's a good dinner option. Old school decor and good seafood.