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Dec 22, 2008 12:13 PM

Jamaica: Should I leave my resort?

Staying in Riu Palace Tropical near Negril over the Christmas holidays. We've got the all-inclusive plan, but I'm wondering if it's worth making a trip outside the resort to sample some worthy chow.

Is there a Jamaican Meat Patty, Jerk Something, or Grilled Lobster worth escaping to find???

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  1. YES YES AND YES....sorry, I abhor the AI concept. There are great places to eat in Negril. Do a search here. We saw Riu and 7 Mile Beach, BTW. Do dine around..try local food at the very least: ackee and saltfish, fish and fungi, of course jerk food.. we ate at Hungry Lion and a few other places.

    1. We stayed in Negril for xmas last year. We ate at some nicer places but our favorite was this little jerk stand called Best in the West. Great place to have some jerk and a Red Stripe:

      1. By all means. You're really missing out on an adventure if you don't go to Rhodes Hall Plantation at least once while you're there. It's about a 10-15 minute drive east of Negril, up the coast, on Orange Bay. It's a 19th-century sugar plantation and working farm and the restaurant there has one of the best views in Jamaica. Also, excellent food: authentic Jamaican, or seafood or even a wonderful pizza, if you're in the mood. I had an ackee and shrimp curry which was fantastic. I ran into it last year on my vacation and was shocked to find it.

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          Ackee is one food item NOT to miss in your AI ask the staff if they can serve you a traditional Jamaican breakfast..

        2. I'm also visiting Negril soon. After previously staying at an AI this time I opted for a villa. Any other suggestions for good food, especially dinner.