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Dec 22, 2008 11:23 AM

L'Auroch at Quartier Dix30? Any suggestions for a NY Eve Dinner?

Has anyone been there, and if yes, what are your thoughts? I am considering trying it for New Year's since my husband just loves steak... Alternatively, any other suggestions for a New Year's (romantic) dinner? We're not limited to steak-friendly restaurants, l'Auroch is just an idea. We are looking for something upscale, nice atmosphere (not too rowdy) and not insanely expensive (would like to keep it under $150 for the two of us)... and especially OPEN on the 31st. Thanks!

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  1. Tempted to go, but haven't until getting some feedback on this establishment.

    1. My suggestion for a good meal and nice, cozy atmosphere is Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill. I went there years ago for NYE and the price was $100 which included the cover charge (they have a live Jazz band) and a glass of champagne. They have a website that may have more details for this year.

      1. Went to L'Auroch twice already, both times the stak was cooked perfectly, and it was a good piece of beef as well (not full of nerves/fat)

        Nothing was overly creative, but it was all well executed.

        Only thing I didn't enjoy was their Tartare de boeuf, it was fresh, but the seasoning wasn't to my taste.

        I would recommend this place as an alternative to the other steakhouse in Montreal, of course, even more if you're on the south shore already

        1. Had lunch there a few weeks ago. Uninspiring, Boring menu. Terrible chicken Caesar salad with oily dressing, flavourless steak, fries were good but when mayo was requested it came with a ranch seasoning? Not good! To top it off, bad service. Do not recommend.