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Dec 22, 2008 11:01 AM

Steak Dinner on Expense Acct (DC)

My soon to be former employer has offered to cover a farewell dinner for up to 8 people at the restaurant of my choice. Budget is $700 (recession be darned!).

I'd like to do a steakhouse. I've been to BLT, Palm, S&W and Cap Grille. Never been to Charlie Palmer.

Only other criteria is that it has to be in DC b/c colleagues will be coming from the office. So no RTS.

I'm leaning towards BLT based on a good lunch I had there back in May, but would love other views from Chowhounds. Thanks.

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  1. BLT is very good, actually i love everything there but the steaks are just OK. I used to really like CP but the past couple times have soured my opinion and i havent been back in a while. Bourbon Steak just opened in the 4 seasons in georgetown, its a new restaurant by Michale Mina is supposed to be very good although I havent been yet but plan on going soon :) Also, depending on how much you drink, you could easily go over $700 for 8 people at any of these places.

    1. If you are not definitely set on a steakhouse, I'd consider Blue Duck Tavern. They do excellent meats (braised short ribs are my personal favorite) so you can definitely have a steak if you want, but can also have some delicious appetizers and sides and great service.

      1. I'e never been the Charlie Palmer's but hear good things. My top choice personally would be the Prime Rib. Classic, classy, and delicious!!

        1. gee jaydreb, isn't this shooting fish in a barrel?

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            Yeah, I actually feel kind of bad about the post, considering so many people are hurting these days.

            I appreciate the opinions. I think I'll try CP since it's the only place besides Bourbon that I've never been.

            1. re: jaydreb

              I think you'll like it - it's just such a different sort of steakhouse, with excellent side dishes. Order the hen of the woods. Best mushrooms I've ever had.

              1. re: jaydreb

                I didn't mean to make you feel bad, just that this place has only about a jillion good places for steak.

            2. Best steak I have had in DC was at Bobby Van's Grill, It is much better then Smiths and Charlie Palmer's. I would choose between there and the Cap Grille for a farewell dinner.