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Dec 22, 2008 10:56 AM

MSP -- empanadas?

We are tasked with bringing tapas to Christmas dinner. While empanadas are more Latin American than Spanish, I think they will be well received by the audience. Any ideas for where we can find meat or potato, non-dessert empanadas?

All advice is appreciated.

Happy Houndish Holidays!

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  1. I sampled a mini empanada this week at Costco at one of their sample stands they have around. I didn't look at the packaging but like all Costco stuff I am sure the packaging comes in bulk sizes and I assumed this must have been a freezer item.

    1. Oh, empanadas! I agree with you, people will **adore** them! I am compelled to respond, yet am so sorry to say that I have not yet found empanadas to equal those of my ex-family-in-law memories. My only luck has been to make them from scratch. Yes they're a lot of work, but that's why they're so impressive in their beautiful, shiny, fatness, with a nice aji sauce to go along...but since we're all behind in our holiday baking, you might try the new Colombian restaurant (on Central? Help, Hounds...) that everyone's been talking about. Other than that, I know I've only had success in finding another Colombian specialty, arepas, to equal those of my memory at Guayaquil, the Ecuadorian restaurant on Lake St. I suppose it all depends on your definition of empanadas and what they should contain (hard boiled eggs? olives? raisins? beef? potatoes? all/none of the above?) Hopefully we can all agree that it must be wrapped in a short pasty dough and not the alluring, easy, though inauthentic puff pastry. Right??

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        I noticed that El Burrito Mercado offers beef empanadas. I have not eaten them myself, but it might be worth exploring.

      2. Los Andes on Lake Street in Minneapolis has empanadas (and arepas), though I've not tried either. Here's my posts on my one visit there, where I thought the food I tried was good.

        Also not Spanish, but tamales are traditionally Mexican Christmas fare (serve, of course, with both red sauce and green sauce.


        Happy Holidays to you, too!