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Dec 22, 2008 10:51 AM

Need oyster knife asap

Help!!! I ordered two oyster knives several weeks ago that were to arrive today. I just received an e-mail from the company today saying the knives were out of stock and won't arrive until after Christmas. Does anyone know of a retail store in the Bay Area that carries Dexter-Russell oyster knives? I'm looking for the ones with a 2 3/4" blade like the one below.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I've also included a related discussion from the Cookware board.

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  1. Economy Restaurant Fixtures on 7th

    Economy Restaurant Fixtures
    1200 7th St, San Francisco, CA

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    1. re: Paul H

      Thanks, Paul! I called Economy Restaurant Fixtures and they indeed have them in stock. Unfortunately they close at 5:30pm, so I'm trying to figure out a way to get to their store in S/F before they close tomorrow. I work in Pleasanton which makes it really tough to get to S/F by 5pm.

    2. I think Hog Island sells oyster knives, though maybe a different brand. at the farm. Maybe you could ask 'em to include a couple in your order. I've also seen oyster knives in Chinatown, such as this basement cookware store.

      Oriental Auction Center
      620 Pacific Ave, San Francisco, CA

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Thanks, Melanie. I have a message into my contact at Hog Island to see if I can purchase knives from them. I know they sell Dexter-Russell oyster knives at the farm, but I'm picking up my oysters at their bar in S/F. Also, the knives they sell at their farm have a much longer blade than the one I wanted to buy.

      2. The guy that sells Hog Farm oysters at Ferry Plaza uses those, and told me I could get a good, "ALREADY SHARPENED" oyster knife at Sur la Table. True and it works well. It looks like it could not survive a dishwasher but it does. The plastic handled knife needs to have an edge put on it..

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        1. re: wally

          Wally, can't believe that you'd put a knife in the dishwasher.

          1. re: wally

            Wally, did you purchase a Dexter-Russell knife? If not, do you remember which knife you bought at SLT? I called the Ferry Bldg SLT and they said they carried numerous oyster knives, but not the Dexter-Russell knife. Thanks.

            1. re: cvhound

              It looks like Sur la Table carries the Dexter Russell knife on their web site, have you called any of their east bay stores?

              That's the exact knife I've purchased at oyster farms in Marin county, so I'm sure Hog Island could sell you one. They sell them on their web site.

              1. re: SteveG

                Thanks, Steve. I called the Berkeley store and they carry the 4" knife, but not the smaller 2 3/4" knife. I was told the larger blades are more difficult to use, especially for smaller oysters, which is why I wanted the smaller blade. But if I get desperate, I may just bite the bullet and buy the Dexter-Russell with the larger blade.

              2. re: cvhound

                I have two, one with "l'econome inox france" on the blade. It has a very polished handle. I also have one with no lable on the blade that has a less polished handle. Both work. The knife that they use at the stand, I was told needed to be sharpened.

            2. If your on the peninsula, Im very sure that The Perfect Edge would have some. They are a cooking supply store, and specialize in knifes.

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              1. re: Adamsimpson

                Thanks, Adam, but I live and work in East Bay.

              2. Smart and Final, Cash and Carry, pretty much any kitchen supply; as I recall Berkeley Bowl usually has some at the fish counter.
                I've never sharpened the plastic handled ones and they work fine as is.

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                1. re: mochimunchie

                  Thanks, Mochi. I called the Smart & Final in Pleasanton and they don't have any oyster knives. Also, I'm specifically looking for the Dexter-Rusell oyster knife.

                  1. re: cvhound

                    Another place to call is East Bay Restaurant Supply. There is a Cash n Carry around the corner from them as well.

                    1. re: mochimunchie

                      Try East Bay for sure if you're still looking. They're right off I-880:

                      East Bay Restaurant Supply, Inc. - Oakland
                      49 4th Street
                      Oakland, CA 94607
                      (510) 465-4300

                    2. re: cvhound

                      I have a few, one bought at Sur La Table, teh other Williams and Sonoma. I have literally opened hundred of oysters with them both . I like brand XOX (good grips) its very nice.