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Dec 22, 2008 10:24 AM

2 nights in North Adams

I will be spending 2 nights in North Adams next week and have read the "guide" that was posted about 2 years ago, but looking for some updates. A few years ago, I went to the Gramercy Bistro and loved it, wondering if it's still there and just as good?

I will be traveling alone and am partial to casual upscale or fine-dining restaurants where I can eat at the bar. However, I'm really open to anything that has a decent beer/wine (by the glass) list and friendly to lone diners. While I typically eat vegetarian, I am open to free range and sustainably raised meats, but don't do seafood at all. I would prefer to stay in North Adams, but if somewhere in Williamstown or elsewhere nearby warrants a visit, that will certainly be considered as well.

Many thanks!!

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  1. Definitely try Mezze, you won't be disappointed. Here's their website:

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      Try Cafe Latino @ Mass MOCA. It's casual, food is good, they always have a few vegetarian offerings.

    2. Gramercy is still wonderful - always tops on my list - and, in my opinion, cozier and friendlier than Mezze, which can be quite uppity at times. But I have had several good meals at Mezze.

      You can get a good meal at Gala too, which is in the Orchards Hotel. I perfer to sit in the bar area by the fireplace where you can order from the dining room menu or the lighter fare bar menu.

      Finally, Jae's in North Adams is great for sushi or other asian entrees. The service there is a bit spotty but the meal is always good.