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Dec 22, 2008 10:12 AM

cake from La Patisserie -- rave review

My daughter's birthday party was yesterday. (She's three!) Thanks to all the recs from Chowhounders, we got our cake from La Patisserie in Cupertino. This turned out to be an excellent choice. We had a chocolate cake with raspberry/whipped cream filling and buttercream icing; it was rich without being too dense, and sweet without sugar overload. The cake is about 3.5 inches thick, so I'm glad I took their advice and ordered a quarter sheet instead of half!

Not only was it delicious, it was absolutely gorgeous (see attached pic). The image, as you may recognize, is from "Peter Rabbit." I took a color photocopy of one of the illustrations from the book, and they just scanned it in and created this "edible image," a very thin layer of colored sugar. When they first told me about this, I was skeptical -- "It's not fondant, is it?" (I hate fondant -- it tastes nasty and it looks like playdough, not like something you'd want to eat.) But no, this is just a very thin film.

My original idea had been to order a carrot cake, in keeping with the Peter Rabbit theme, but I eventually decided that, though my daughter would love carrot cake, the other kids might not take to it. In the meantime, I'd tasted carrot cake from a couple of different bakeries (see how I sacrifice for my little girl?), and my husband and I both liked La Patisserie's spicy carrot cake the best.

The staff at La Patisserie was extremely helpful, much more so than the other bakeries I tried. They're not the closest or most convenient of the bakeries we tried, but well worth a few extra minutes on the freeway.

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  1. That is a pretty cake.

    La Patisserie
    19758 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA

    1. Most of their cakes are pretty good, but take this warning: their Princess cake is the worst I've ever had. Instead of whipped cream, they use a strange, hard, white substance (like Crisco, but harder and less waxy and even more tasteless). Very disappointing, given the price.