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Dec 22, 2008 09:44 AM

EVERYONE who's been to the "new" NBC for dim sum: How was it? (I try again)

OK, I'm guessing more than one 'hound (the total response I got to last week's post) has been to the re-opened NBC for dim sum since the re-open roughly a month and a half ago: the rest of you-all fill us in, please. Good, bad, indifferent? Better than before? A worthy competitor for the new generation of dim sum guys in the SGV?

I'm trying to decide if I'm doing the "dim sum with the heathens" this Xmas am, and whether NBC will again be my target destination. So (to quote JB) "Please, please please please..."
let me know how it is...

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  1. I tried it right after it reopened and thought it was great, but haven't been back since:

    It's still NBC, just a bit cleaner and with some new dishes. It hasn't morphed into Elite or Sea Harbor style dim sum.

    1. Went last month. Thought it was good, but not great.

      I had 2 mediocre experiences there in previous years, so it didn't take much to improve over that. I'd go back again, but I still rank it below Ocean Star and Empress Harbor.

      1. The 'old' restaurant slid down so far, Mme Zoe wouldn't even drive by it after an abyssmal lunch one day. When it reopened I persuaded her to give it a chance again under the fairness doctrine. Well that's all it was, is fair. Nothing so delicious that I want to hijack the whole cart. No porridge. Just OK. Off to Sea Harbor next after a visit to New Capital Seafood next Saturday on our way out to Palm Springs. Now THAT's a tasty stop and has the buzz that makes mass feeding a pleasure.

        1. Ick! Please go to Elite or somewhere else worth your time. In the link SKU posted here I gave my review a month or so ago. Don't ruin your holidays (heathen or otherwise) with NBC!

          1. I fear this might be a case of putting the proverbial lipstick on that proverbial pig.

            The staff and management are the same; although in all fairness I don't think they ever represented that there was going to be an internal makeover.

            Same food; better surroundings.

            I suppose if you liked NBC before, you'll like it just as much now by virtue of its new clothes; if you didn't like NBC before, you're still not going to like it, but at least now you'll get better lighting, new wall decorations, and some newer plate settings.

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              That's what worried me. While the old version was looking considerably frayed around the edges, the food had also started a disconcerting downward trend; I was hoping that the facelift might have inspired new efforts in the kitchen; sounds like maybe not. Thanks agin, 'Hounds; we'll probably go with one of the "new fancy" places, or maybe even Ocean Star.