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Dec 22, 2008 09:29 AM

Condiment to Rib Roast Question

Do you think a apple ginger chutney would be good - or something like it. Any recipe ideas?

My family likes piquant-sweet to go with meat.

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  1. I don't think sauce on such a good quality cut is necessary, but if what you're looking for is piquant-sweet, then what you mentioned is still maybe not acceptable. It might not hold up to the beef flavor as well. When you say apple ginger, I think pork loin.

    Anyway, how about a cranberry port sauce? Something with a little more depth and heaviness to it.

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    1. re: HaagenDazs

      I totally agree with HaagenDazs. Apple ginger made me think of pork immediately. with beef I would tend to something with berries and wine. Or what about a spin on a horsradish? Like a wasabi mayo.

      1. re: HaagenDazs

        i also saw a recipe for rib roast that has Madeira reduction sauce (run a search on epicurious). maybe the choice of wine in this case will do?

        the guys in our house like good o'horseradish creme so i am doing both =)

      2. How about roasted garlic/onion jam? You can adjust the sugar/balsamic vinegar/chili flakes balance to wherever your family happens to be on those various continuums. Plus any leftovers can be combined with goat cheese and pita crisps for wonderful appetizers.