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Dec 22, 2008 09:23 AM

Best Place to Buy Rack of Lamb: East Bay or SF

Need to get a couple of crowns for rack of lamb.

Usually i would go to whole foods (but $15 a pound even on sale).

Anybody recommend places to get inexpensive but good rack of lamb in East Bay or SF?

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  1. I get my racks from Costco. Cryovac'd Australian or New Zealand lamb, so smaller than most American lamb. I think about $8.99 lb.

    1. I believe Costco has it. It'll be from NZ and frozen (or previously frozen) but the price is right. I've been happy with the boneless leg of lamb from Costco.

      1. You might want to check at Trader Joe's. I know I have bought very good boneless leg of lamb several times there in the past. I am pretty sure they carry a rack of lamb as well.

        1. I buy racks from Costo and have been very happy with the quality.

          1. Halal butcher shops for local lamb, usually from Dixon or Stockton.