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Good place to buy Olive Juice for Dirty Martinis?

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I've never had the occassion to look for it until now.

Do I need to hunt online, or can I find this at some of the more reputable (or less reputable) liquor stores?

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Just use the juice from a jar of olives. The best and most affordable olives are at Trader Joe's.

    1. I've seen it at both Harris Teeter and Food Lion (Bloom). Haven't tried the Food Lion stuff, but the Harris Teeter stuff is awesome.

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      1. You can buy the best olive juice, Dirty Sue at World Market (www.worldmarket.com)

        1. oh my fav drink EVER. I've tried it all. Vodka's, olive juices, you name it.

          Santa Barbara Olive Company's Olive Brine (found at some liquor stores, but I order it by the case online), Absolut vodka (yes it is better than the more expensive kinds), and a couple shakes of sea salt. YUM!

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            Bradley Food and Beverage has the Santa Barbara Olive Juice.

            I bought some Texas Olives from Harris Teeter - olive's were a little too spicy for me (my husband loved them) but the brine was awsome for the dirty martini's

            I will try sea salt now