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Dec 22, 2008 09:06 AM

What's the best way to read Chowhound?

How do people manage reading new threads and keeping up with existing ones you're interested in?

I wish there was a way to sync read-statuses between RSS and the website.... I mean, If I use RSS to read new threads and see new responses, when I log in to, they aren't shown as read.

What do people generally do to manage everything?

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  1. I usually post to threads that are of interest, and then they appear in my posts under My Chow. If it's a thread i just want to keep track of, I click the "Favorite Topic" box at the top , and the it appears on "Favorites" on My Chow.

    1. I use My Chow as well, to catch up on new posts on threads that I've recently posted to. Then, I look at the two boards I use most - Manhattan and Home Cooking - sorted by "most recent post". If there are posts with "new" next to them that are of interest to me, I take a look at those.