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Dec 22, 2008 08:31 AM

N.O. restaurants, please help fill in the blanks

My husband and I are going to N.O. for a romantic weekend in January. We have been once before and LOVED it. We want to try restaurants that we haven't been to before (even though we had no disappointments.) We live in a city with great upscale dining and so would like to stick to Cajun, Creole, Southern or just totoally original restaurants while in New Orleans.
We had breakfast at cafe du Monde and Court of Two sisters (fun atmosphere food so, so). For lunches we ate a Johnny's Po boys. We are not big fans of breakfast foods (eggs, sweets, etc) so we'd rather just have coffe and have a great lunch so no brunch reccommendations unless there is more "lunch" type options on the menu.On our last trip we ate at NOLA and Commanders Palace for dinner and loved the combination having both traditional and more modern N.O. cusine and are looking for that combination again.
Here is what I have planned so far:
Breakfast- café de monde, then to central groc for muffaletta (early 1st lunch:)
2ndLunch- ????
Dinner. Cochon

B. ???
D Bayona

B: .??
L: commanders palace (open to new suggestions)
D:cafe Adelaide (suggestions??) flight leaves at 9PM

Thanks for your help. Im open to all suggestions, changes and advice.

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  1. During the same trip, I had my best and worst meals at Brennan's--absolutely incredible for a traditional dinner, with perfect service and excellent food; breakfast/bruch--terrible service, cold, heavily salted food.

    1. Why Bayona's? They have no New Orleans food. You can get their type of food better in other cities. Try a NO restaurant like Sbisa' or the fish at Broussard's, or Antoine's, or Galatoire's. The oysters are real good this year and there is a new, well done place on the corner of Royal and St. Louis called Royal House Oyster Bar--real pretty and has good food.

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      1. re: Panama Hat

        Panama, tell me more about the Royal House. Sounds like something I might want to check out while painting the town red this Wednesday evening.

      2. look at the menus at the following to fill in:
        Patois; their brunch/lunch menu is amazing

        Luke; lunch and dinner and check out their daily specials

        Cafe Atchfalaya; brunch menu is nice; great Bloody Mary's

        Ralph's on the Park before your flight home:
        Martinique; great for brunch/lunch and/or dinner

        1. Okay after more research and reading I have changed up my plan somewhat but still have a few decisions to make (***help me decide). Also please let me know if I should switch up anything based on location or similar food on same day. Here's the plan so far:
          B. café de monde then on to Napoleon House (Muffalettas)
          L. Mr. B’s or Palace Café ****
          D. Cochon
          B. hotel
          L. Lukes
          D Galatoires or ???(***other suggestions)
          B: ???
          L: commanders palace
          D:cafe Adelaide(int. house)
          Thanks for all your help!!

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          1. re: missylee

            OK, I am going to switch things up a bit for you. It seems that most of your choices are in the Quarter and WHD, so I am going to stick to those areas. Also, I kept what I thought were good choices and omitted the ones which I thought could be better.

            B: Cafe du Monde and then Napoleon House
            L: Bistro at Maison de Ville (hidden gem)
            D: Iris (part of the new guard; just moved to the French Quarter)

            B: Hotel
            L: Luke
            D: Galatoire's

            B: Croissant D'Or
            L: Cochon
            D: Commander's

            I bumped Mr. B's and the Palace Cafe because neither of those has impressed me on the last meals there. Adelaide and Commander's are owned and run by the same part of the Brennan family, so I think that one or the other is enough. Cafe Adelaide has a breakfast menu though if you still want to squueze it in. Both Iris and the Bistro are closed on Sunday/Monday, so that is why I have then both on Saturday.

            1. re: Bocuse NOLA

              Thank you so much. This is exactly the type of advice I was wanting. This looks perfect, I didn't realize Adelaide and Commanders are owned by the same family.

            2. Jacques-Imo. Food is phenomenal and the atmosphere/vibe is very funky and ecclecic.

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              1. re: nikinik

                A person can NEVER go wrong at Jacques-Imo. For low key but real good, try Eat in the French Quarter, corner of Dumaine and Dauphine.