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Dec 22, 2008 08:28 AM

Finally a place to eat in PV!

Peninsula Grill at the top of the hill in Palos Verdes - in the mall there - was a great surprise. I have been trying to find a place for months now to eat that was not mediocre at best. Peninsula Grill was good and has great prices. We went there for lunch. They have a great patio where you can bring your dog - that was why we went there after to calling several restaurants in Redondo to no avail.

I had the Indian Spiced Chicken Salad sandwich. It was in a warm pita - a thin pita not too thick which was perfect. None of the sides sounded appealing to me - fries, potato salad or melon salad - so they were happy to give me a side green salad instead. My friend had the fish tacos and really liked them. It was a simple grilled fish - not fried - with a green salsa.

The wine selection could be better - but it isn't bad.

The prices are wonderful. Our sandwiches were both under $10 each and the portions are large

But I am still left wondering in such a beautiful and upscale area, why does Palos Verdes have such awful restaurants? I am told that restaurants open and close - do people not eat out there???

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Any other south bay gems? I just moved to this area from OC.

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          Restraunt Christine in torrance and Gina Lee's Bistro in Redondo Beach. Both are close to PV.

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            musha's on carson and western (add the whole mitsuwa plaza with santouka ramen and katsu shop)
            iccho on crenshaw and PCH (next to the CPK)
            koraku in same plaza next to nijiya market
            gaja (okonomoyaki joint) on lomita between crenshaw
            kotosh (peruvian japanese, across from gaja)

            Il Chianti (24503 Narbonne Ave, Lomita - Japanese style Italian) - my new favorite!!!

            Shanghai Palace (PCH between Hawthorne and Crenshaw)
            Harbor Palace
            Regal Palace (eh, so so dim sum)

            pretty much a lot of Chinese and Japanese places as suited to the minority groups most prevalent in the Southbay

          2. try the steak house on rolling hills rd.....for true wagyu beef etc....located ate crenshaw and rolling hills rd by ralph's

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              Here is a link to the original review which put it on CH's radar:


              There was another shorter review with a few caveats which can be found here:


            2. I've lived in PV all my life. I grew up riding and became an engineer!! Does anyone remember the old Hungry Tiger? It was located approximately where the Burger King is now (on top of the hill). My favorite place? Bamboo Song (inbetween the library and Promendade/Avenues/Whatever-it's-called-this-year). Love, love, love their pho. I get the chicken. Every time.

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                Yes, Hungry Tiger for prom night and several family dinners. Remember The Palms in Torrance for prime rib and shirley temples?

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                  Loved the Hungry Tiger. The old Jolly Rogers was great too. Our family favorite was Del Contes on PCH. The garlic toast and that smoke filled lounge. Good stuff...

                  1. re: UCLA92

                    Jolly Rogers and Del Contes were staples, too.