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Dec 22, 2008 08:02 AM

Need help for restaurants in Paris

IDEAS: Paris Meals Christmas to New Years

I will be renting an apartment in Paris in the 6th, a couple of blocks from Metro Station Vavin. I have been to Paris many times, but find it difficult to keep up on the revolving chefs and who's is the next culinary "enfant terrible." I have done the Michelin starred joints, enjoying Arpege the most shortly after it opened. These days, I go for that "undiscovered" bistro approach.
My "tables so far include:

I have tickets for jazz @ 23:00 on the 27th at Sunset on rue de Lombards, tickets for a classical concert on the 31st at Saint-Severin at 20:30, and hope to listen to a "chansons" on the 30th in the 9th Arrondissement.

Do any of you have any suggestions of some dining places that should not be missed this time around?

Thanks so much.


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  1. I ate at Jadis on Saturday night. It was OK, with some potential, but at the moment it is the sort of restaurant I would visit if it was around the corner not in the depths of the 15eme.

    I started with a rabbit pate en croute which was quite good although quite a thin slice, my partner had a mushroom and snail vol-a-vont which was a good size and she really enjoyed. For mains I had the blanquet of veal served in the Jadis way - a plate of boiled vegetables with the veal and sauce on the side. A good depth of flavour in the veal, but with really boring vegetables - reminded me of school dinners. My partner had trout on a bed of green mashed potatoes (cresson?) which was OK. Desserts were the real low point, I had a riz-au-lait which had a very sweet coulis on the top - reminiscent of a pre-made rice dessert from the supermarket. My partner had a radical ile flottante which was like a green muffin in custard - weird. I think he needs a pastry chef.

    Service was perfunctory, we seemed to be the only tourists in a packed restaurant that turned the tables once, probably 40+ covers. The bill was €94 including an €18 burgundy (they had run out of the Givry and it was OK) and Evian.

    1. Au Petit Marguery hardly qualifies as "undiscovered" but it is still renowned after the change of management.

      Le Jeu de Quilles only opens for lunches and has quality ingredients prepared simply with direct contact with the cook, Spring-style. It is a very pleasant place. Not sure what they're doing during the holidays, though. In general, I would start by calling each of these bistrots asking when they're open. Many may be off from this friday to jan 5.

      Here are some pics from le Jeu de Quilles: