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Options near Ritz Carlton Westchester?

We are eating at Blue Hill this weekend and staying at the Ritz Carlton following (2 nights). Any suggestions for someplace else to have dinner that is nearby, maybe in walking distance or a quick cab ride? Doesn't have to be Blue Hill-ish, but we would like something delicious. No real parameters other than proximity. I know there is a BLT in the hotel, so we may just end up there.


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  1. If you do go to BLT ask for them not to use salt! If you check this board you will see over and over again complaints about how salty the steaks are there.

    1. Italian - La Bocca on Church Street (around the corner)

      BLT - Good steaks but ask them to go easy on the salt

      Mortons - Quick cab ride by the Westchester Mall
      Tango Grill - Walking distance (Post Rd)

      Tre Angelina (quick cab ride - Mamaroneck Ave)

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        If you want to go in a 180 from Blue Hill try the Asian market in the Hamilton Ave. mall. They serve inexpensive Chinese specialties from steam tables to a mostly Asian clientele. You sit in a drafty group of tables or take the food to your room and eat. In the same ugly little mall thee is a very good Chinese restaurant called Bao's.

        1. re: lucyis

          theyre staying at ritz, eating a blue hill, dont you think recommending asian market is a bit of a stretch?

          1. re: intrepid

            Yeah, that's why I said it would be a 180 from Blue Hill.

      2. I have heard very nice things about VIa Quadrono right next to the hotel. Also, Peniche is very fun for tapas and drinks!

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          You can try 42 for drinks and a look at the view but I would eat dinner somewhere else.

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            the food at via quadrono is fair, one of the partners is a jerk,,i wouldnt go there

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              You are right. The food is only fair and the service not so terrific. Also tight quarters to eat in.

          2. If you get a chance to grab breakfast or lunch, hit the City Limit Diner which isn't far. Not your typical diner with a 30 page menu. It's pricier but worth it in my opinion. The food is high quality and always is spot on. The chicken soup is the best I ever had. (Sorry mom.)

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              uh oh, be careful the chowhound price protection police will come after you if the soup if 50 cents more than a street cart soup lololol

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                Stoppd at La Bocca for a drink this evening and the staff from Via Quadrono was having their christmas party there so if you have to chose between Via Quadrono and La Bocca, I think La Bocca should be the choice.

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                City Limits Diner is a good and fun choice. They have a terrific Asian Chicken Salad, too!

              3. Sushi Nanase -- if you like sushi (basically all they serve), this is the real deal. Chef worked at Nobu and Masa. Short cab ride down Mamaroneck Ave. Search this board and elsewhere for more details.

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                  Nanase is the only White Plains restaurant with the buzz and reviews to come close to Blue Hill. I still haven't tried it, but know so many people who have and loved it that I think Nanase should be a lock if you like sushi.

                  Of what I've been to, Tango is a bit overpriced but very good, Aberdeen is better for dim sum, Quadronno is good, but very $$. Peniche, right down the street from the Ritz, would be my #2 pick. Nice atmosphere, good food and convenient.

                  1. re: Reposado

                    Since I don't 'do' WP, I haven't weighed in, but Sushi Nanase is one of only five restaurants that I recommend in all of Westchester.

                    It is exquisite.

                    WP is noted for small bits of food at high prices, so I guess the other places are okay too.

                      1. re: Rinjani

                        Spadaro, Plates, Meritage and X20.

                          1. re: dolores

                            Hi Dolores. happy new year. we did get to Plates the Friday night after xmas. It was good but there was something missing; only three or four tables that night. great wine list, long list of half bottles ( might be the best selection in Westchester). Will give it another visit to make up our minds if it belongs on the list with Meritage and X2o. haven't been able to get into Spadaro yet. (the martini was good and priced right)

                            1. re: martyl9

                              marty, I haven't been back since my first visit, when I was told by one of the owners that he was leaving the next day. For that matter, I haven't been to X20 in a long time. Meritage and Spadaro were my most recent outstanding restaurant stops.

                              Happy New Year to you as well.

                    1. If upscale chinese/dim sum is appealing to you, Aberdeen is close. Even compared to places in the city, it's pretty good. But considering its context here in the burbs, it's downright phenomenal...

                      It's very nice inside... not a dumpy takeout kind of place at all.

                      1. Peniche is a 2 minute walk down main street - (Tapas.)

                        1. I liked Peniche. It is walking distance.

                          Antipasti was also good.

                          CIty Limits Diner is also good - it is not your basic diner, but has a nice menu and the food is always tasty. There is one in the Westchester Mall, if you are there shopping (by Neiman Marcus) and the standalone restaurant is nice and big and easy to get a table as well.

                          BLT Steak is really good - but not sure if you're looking for another big meal after Blue HIll.

                          I've been to Boa's at the white plains mall - the food was OK but that whole mall is kind of depressing and empty. I wouldn't go there. The atmosphere was such a downer compared to some of the other choices you have available.

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                          1. re: abutter1

                            abutter, there is a street entrance for Boa's. Why miss a very good restaurant because of its location? City Limits is mediocre and BLT sounds like they use as much salt as meat in their food, so what does location buy them?

                            Antipasti? Have you read the reviews here??

                            1. re: dolores

                              good morning, dolores. our first visit to Antipasti was promising but the second time ( the day of the NY Times review) was not good. any visits recently? BLT was fair. I need to try Boa.

                              1. re: martyl9

                                Antipasti now has a new chef and I think they offer specialy priced lunches. Have not tried it since they got the new chef.

                                1. re: martyl9

                                  Hi marty. I haven't read anything to encourage me to bother with Antipasti, too many other regular Italian places are available. The reviews on here were discouraging. As to BLT, I would no more try them than I would 42 or Peniche.

                                  Sorry, as VFresser said, it's Bao's. My keyboard is wonky, and I missed the typo. You won't be disappointed with Bao's.

                                  1. re: dolores

                                    Hi D.
                                    we finally got to Bao last night. please advise which dishes you like as most of what we had was poor. the salt and peper shrimp was the best dish which was only fair. the eggs rolls were barely cooked, the dumplings tasted spoil and the sesame chicken; the kitchen couldn't decide whether the dish was hunan or szechwan. the sauted string beans were served with some hot red sauce which the menu did not indicate was spicy, basicly not eatable. the cheap cocktails were good but cheap doesn't make the food any better. Other comments by the chowhounds regarding Bao is that the food is americanized chinese. none I understand the phrase.
                                    I would suggest you try Seven Woks in Scarsdale. We eat there last week and certainly was better than Bao last night.

                                    1. re: martyl9

                                      Seven Woks by the 5 Corners in Horseshoe????
                                      Have Not Been there in Years for a reason....Just MVHO.
                                      And Never, Ever, have had any kind of a problem or issue with Bao's.

                                      1. re: martyl9

                                        No matter what preparation you order at Seven Woks, everything tastes the same. I like Bao's much better. But I prefer Aberdeen to both.

                                        1. re: Shawn

                                          do agree with you about Seven Woks usually tasting the same but the last visit was quit good. Any suggested dishes at Aberdeen?

                                2. re: abutter1

                                  The name of the restaurant is Bao. Once inside Bao, the atmosphere is as serene as a day spa. And good food too!

                                  1. re: VFresser

                                    I'm confused. Is Bao's typical mall food? Or is it good solid food with an atmosphere?

                                    1. re: southlake

                                      southlake, Bao's is Chinese-American superior to Imperial Wok, in a comfortable atmosphere, with friendly and efficient servers, and I've read here that they even make a good martini.

                                      I can't remember if the bogey for the meter there is 6:00 or 9:00, but even I have paid to eat at Bao's, they're that good.

                                      1. re: southlake

                                        Bao's is better than typical mall food, but in my opinion, it is not a place with an atmosphere. I enjoy it for lunch, but I wouldn't think to do dinner there unless I was in the area looking for something quick to eat.

                                        1. re: Shawn

                                          Really, Shawn? I don't associate it at all with the mall, it is rather a restaurant that has a grungy creepy mall attached to it.

                                          There is another Chinese restaurant in the area that has 'atmosphere'? Imperial Wok, Central Seafood? I'm at a loss to think why the interior of Bao's would stop anyone from enjoying their food.

                                          1. re: dolores

                                            I didn't say that Bao's was "grungy" like the mall, I just meant that it wouldn't be a place I'd gravitate toward for a dinner out. I do prefer something a little "nicer" at dinner. Aberdeen, while not having "atmosphere" per se, is a bit nicer inside than Bao's, and would be more my choice for a dinner out. I also prefer the food at Aberdeen. I don't mean to be negative about Bao's when I say this. As I said before, I like Bao's. But Southlake had asked whether Bao's had an "atmosphere," and I just don't think it does.

                                    2. re: abutter1

                                      I took my family to lunch at City Limits yesterday. Boy has that place gone WAYYYYY down hill since it opened. Let's just say the food had a couple of "issues" that the manager had to apologize for, and even took one off the check. It used to be great for many years, now has the feel of absentee ownership that just doesn't care. Guess they are focused more on their NYC restaurants

                                      1. re: wineconsul

                                        That is a shame. I haven't been in about a year ago and the food was still good. The family does have quite a few restaurants.

                                        1. re: wineconsul

                                          I eat at City Limits nearly weekly, and have not seen any evidence of downhill trending in the food. I hope your experience was an aberration. Their fish specials are reliable, and the chicken paillard is something I order frequently and happily. In fact, if they are open tomorrow, that may be just the dish to usher in the New Year!

                                          1. re: wineconsul

                                            Interesting. I never liked the place from the beginning, so this doesn't surprise me.

                                            Mediocre food at exorbitant prices, yum.

                                        2. Try Brooklyn Pasta and Sandwich!!! About two blocks away on Court-across from Macy's
                                          Right out of Coney Island and the 50's.
                                          Good people & food.

                                          Melting Pot is good as well.

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                                          1. re: Jon1856

                                            We like Tango Grill. Havent been in a while, but the last time we went, it was great!

                                            1. re: RawTunaFan

                                              The Chef of Tango Grill (Chef Hector Avila) opened up a new place Route 100 Wine & Grill at 2211 CPA, Yonkers. Menue refered to American-Global.
                                              If not yet a thread, will start one.