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Dec 22, 2008 07:45 AM

Christmas Eve in Philly?

What would be fun? Distrito isn't showing up on OpenTable, so perhaps they aren't open. Alma de Cuba is, however- would anyone recommend that? Or Monk's Cafe? Someplace else I haven't heard of yet? We only have one evening (staying in Penn's Landing) and would love someplace fun with drinks and good food. A nice fireplace is a big plus...

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  1. no one has any advice for an out of towner?

    1. XIX in the Hyatt..great view and great fireplace

      1. The Plough & The Stars has a big fireplace, a festive holiday atmosphere, and a varied menu. I heartily recommend it!

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          Thanks. We went a few places. Alma de Cuba was pretty dead, but it they had good mojitos. The Plough and Stars was lively, but full of little kids. The fireplace was monopolized by a large table in the restaurant section. Nice use of an old building, though. McGillins was closed, and XIX wasn't showing up on OpenTable, so they probably were too. El Vez was open and probably was the most fun. Tasty guacamole with crab and so-so margaritas.