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Dec 22, 2008 07:24 AM

what are you making for dessert

What are you making for Xmas dessert? I usually make a cheesecake but i'm looking for something new....

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  1. Well, applie pie isn't new, but I'm going to be doing an Alton Brown recipe. He uses Apple Jack Brandy in lieu of water (same idea as the vodka pie crust) in the dough and then bakes it in a deep dish tart pan (so you can remove it from the pan and get a great looking presentation that is a breeze to slice).

    1. The Bacardi Rum Cake....crazy easy and always a big hit!

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        Very retro...but I applaud your choice!!! I remember how great that cake was!!!!

      2. maybe not new either but I am bringing a bunch of stuff...I'll be watching this thread as I am hosting New Year's Eve and we willl all be going out for dinner but coming home for dessert and drinks...

        pumpkin pie
        pecan pie
        oreo truffles
        peanutbutter balls
        cheesecake balls

        1. i don't celebrate X-mas, but i made these for Thanksgiving & everyone flipped over them...

          one thing about the tart - since i assume you're not gluten-free, you can either use your favorite tart crust in place of the one i made [it requires specialty flour], or replace the GF flour with conventional flour [AP or WW pastry].

          1. I'm making Pao de Lo - a Portuguese pound cake that will be sliced and drizzled with a lemony sauce, Pecan Pie Bars, Cappucino Brownies and Carrot Cake. My husband, at this moment is on a flight back from Portugal with two Bolo Rei (similar to Pannetone, but with more fruit and moister). Usually I make this, but since he was in the neighborhood... He is also bringing back natas (custard filled tarts) and other Portuguese pastries. And he is bringing as much portuguese butter - Mimosa - as would fit in his carry-on. Can't wait to see him, but also really looking forward to raiding his carry-on.

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              Funny! I saw a news story today here in the SF Bay Area about Bolo Rei! People in a small town in Portugal made the largest one ever! The anchor people were making dumb fruitcake jokes all during the story, but it looked pretty great.

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                OMG how funny. I am sorry I didn't catch that and yes - the "fruitcake joke" possibilities are endless. Actually, I am no fan of fruitcake, but bolo rei is nothing like it. The hubby arrived and dutiful husband that he is, everything in his carry-on was edible. He brought 2 bolo rei - from 2 different bakers and both are absolutely great. Big hunks of candied figs, pears and so forth on top and light and moist fruit-filled inside. He did manage to bring me my butter, my tarts, pastries and some Portuguese candies that I am a big fan of. He's a gem...