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Help on Melrose

I am taking my youngest son (14) to Melrose on Saturday(12/27) for clothes shopping and bonding time (we live in Covina) - then to Hollywood to spend the night with a cousin who lives behind the Capital building - I have got the Saturday night and Sunday morning (Farmers Market) planned out but I need somewhere to make me ( 40 something with five kids) look cool for lunch on Melrose in the shopping district. We are taking trains and buses so driving is not an option - don't care what type of cuisine just as long as it can make a jaded 14 year old is impressed when he walks in - thanks in advance

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  1. Comme Ca would probably fit the bill.

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      14 yr old into French food? Really?

      I don't have kids, I've been out of the loop, but isn't that a bit over the top? Are teenagers foodies these days?

    2. I think Comme Ca might be a bit much for even the most sophisticated 14 year old. But 8 oz., which is much closer by foot to the shopping area, is probably more teen-friendly.

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        Agree that 8 oz. is a good choice.

        I'll also throw out BLD, Village Idiot, and Pizzeria Mozza.

      2. Antonio's Mexican ought to make even the squarest 'rent look (somewhat) cool to a 14 year-old. There are often a bunch of rockers and hispters hanging out on weekends and the food is good. http://www.antoniosonmelrose.com/

        Way on the other end of the health-o-meter but similarly cool and with excellent, inventive healthy fare and a stunning looking crwod is M Cafe de Chaya.

        1. Hmmm... Melrose near the shopping district? I've got nothing really. It's a culinary blindspot. My usual places are M Cafe de Chaya (is he vegetarian? He'll love this place, and it's next to Pinkberry. Celebrity sightings are common) There's Hot Wings Cafe a few blocks down, great place for teens but very casual.

          I hear great things about California Chicken Cafe.

          How about Pink's Hot Dogs off La Brea? That's famous, a teenager would get a kick out of eating there.

          709 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

          M Cafe De Chaya
          7119 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

          California Chicken Cafe
          6805 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

          1. I second Pink's. But if the line is too long try taking your son to Mao's Kitchen. Pretty accessible mid-priced chinese fare and a teenager might get a kick out of the worker's paradise decor.

            1. Vienna Cafe is fantastic. Sometimes I wonder why they spoil me so with love and bread.... Good menu, nice people. I tried the burger for the first time yesterday, it was nice. I don't know about trendy or impressive but the customers all look pretty hip to me.

              7356 Melrose Ave
              ph: 323-651-3822

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                Vienna Cafe is great! So is the suggestion for Antonios. Also, what about Angeli cafe? Love their pizza.

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                  My first thought also was Angeli, in the heart of the culinary wasteland that is Melrose Avenue. Also the Bungalow club or Johnny Rockets for strictly the entertainment/enjoyment/different factor, sans qualitative issues you understand. Not sure how many places will be open for lunch on Saturday, however. Would need to check any place before planning it into the itinerary.

              2. How would Astro Burger, next to the Paramount lot, fit the bill?