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Dec 22, 2008 06:05 AM

Which mushrooms should I add to my soup?

I make a very basic mushroom soup with sauteed white mushrooms that is easy and tasty but I'd like to add some other mushrooms for a change. My greengrocer doesn't have a huge selection of exotic mushrooms but which ones would you suggest? TIA and happy holidays.

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  1. Crimini mushrooms work nicely and are fairly easy to find. From Bourdain's book, I learned to add a spash of balsamic to give the soup an added dimension. It takes a regular button mushroom soup from good, to "wow".

    1. I would get whatever you might find. Anything and everything. There's nothing that is out of the question when it comes to mushroom soup. Check to see if there are any dried mushrooms available to you as well.

      1. As HD says, anything goes. But for soup, I'd go with portabello, porcini (usually can find these dry almost anywhere) and/or shiitake for that extra dimension. They are relatively cheap and easy to find. You could get really exotic but personally, if I had some nice chanterelles or maitakes, I'd prefer to just saute them in a tiny bit of butter or olive oil to enjoy their delicate flavor.

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          Thanks y'all for exactly the info that I needed, and a splash of balsamic is a great idea.