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Dec 22, 2008 06:00 AM

Anyone used a Lemon squeezer and liked it?

Here's a link to one at BB&B:

Anyone tried these and like them? How do you use them - that is, what is your technique? I have one for lemons and one for limes, and right now mine are about to cast into the useless gadget category. I cook with a lot of citrus juice, and had been using either a hand reamer or a hand juicer, but figured these squeezers would be better since the seeds would remain captured within the squeezer.

I am less than happy with the squeezer, for the juice that results is incredibly bitter. I'm guessing the bitterness is from the oils from the rind being squeezed out as well. Is it perhaps my technique? I've tried putting the lemon half in the squeezer cut side down and cut side up (somewhere I think I read that these things were supposed to get all the juice out and turn the lemon half inside out). Could it be I'm squeezing too hard to try to wring every last drop of juice from the lemon? Please tell me how to like this gadget.

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  1. These are far from useless - they are the fastest most effective juicer out there in my opinion. If they are good enough for Rick Bayless they are good enough for me.

    The fruit should go cut side down so that the juice squirts through the holes. You could do it the other way, but that's not how the tool was designed to be used. I've not had any problems with bitterness, myself.

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      Second this opinion. Definitely cut side down. Never had a problem with bitterness. IMO the most effective way to juice lemons and limes.

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        wow a new gadget that I just have to have now! I have a wooden reamer that works well for juicing but always have to spend some time digging out the seeds. And I would never would have realized the proper way to use it (cut side down) with out reading it here!

      2. Definitely cut side down (as you noted, you're trying to invert the citrus half). These are ubiquitous in Mexico for good reason, easiest way to get the juice out in a jiffy. The street vendors use these for a quick lime finish to your food. I've owned several but some have a weak pin at the hinge which I've managed to replace with a cotter pin of appropriate size. I can't imagine life without them.

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          Agree. My SIL's family is from Mexico, and this was one of the 1st items they gave us in our quest to "cook Mexican". They are inexpensive and work well -- they ARE ubiquitous in Mexico since limonada is almost a national drink. Every street vendor that sells juice drinks uses one.

        2. I love mine, and have just about worn it out. I've never had a problem with bitter juice either. I have more than occasionally experienced a seed shooting out through the holes from the pressure I was putting on the lemon, so I can't imagine the pressure that you're giving it would be a problem. A little annoying, but the convienence factor of the device far outweighs having to pick out a stray seed now and then.

          1. This is one of the few "gadgets" I consider indispensable in my kitchen(thus gadgets in quotes, it's so useful I don't consider it a gadget). I use mine at least once a day. As said by others the most effective way to juice a piece of citrus.

            I also use mine with cutside down.

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              Just to clarify something here: cut side down is the only way you can use this tool and use it correctly. It's kind of like using a spoon to stir something but using the handle as opposed to the spoon part itself... In other words, it'll work but it's not the most effective way to use the tool and it's not how the item was designed to be used.

            2. These are used all over Latin America, although without the enamel. Cut your larger limes into quarters for easier squeezing. As everyone else has said, cut side down.