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Dec 22, 2008 05:58 AM

Open Christmas - Yonkers Bronxville Tuckahoe Mt Vernon area

I know this is a tall order and I do not think anything will be open (besides Chinese which is really not an option).

However, it is worth asking.

Indian food would be OK with me, but not for anyone else.

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  1. I think the diner in Fleetwood may be open. Probably not what you are looking for though.

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    1. re: rolise

      Yuck. That is one of the worst diners around!

      1. re: Bigbird

        That is why I said probably not what he is looking for. They used to be okay but have seriously gone downhill.

        1. re: rolise

          Yep not a great diner even though I have eaten there twice. Can't really screw up eggs though. Those who are treating are not Chowhounds and probably don't even think it is bad (as I kid I can recall Christmas dinner at Steak N Brew). As for me, I know I will get stuck with American food. So as long as it is not lousy American I can deal.

      1. re: chowdom

        Thanks for the replies. The article is very useful. I think we blew it with the timing. The person who wanted to eat out waited too long. Oh well.

        1. re: jcmods

          Your very welcome, happy holiday.