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Dec 22, 2008 05:57 AM

Downeast Maine artisan food companies ?

I will be between Bangor and Bar Harbor for a week and would love to hear if you've discovered some great little food / drink companies in the area. I know of a few and if you want to hear the ones i know of just say the word!

Have a great holiday and thanks in advance.

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  1. The Bartlett family winery in Gouldsboro, and Winterport Winery just south of Bangor in Winterport.

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    1. re: Shooley

      Hi there - I love Bartlett's! Especially the loganberry dessert wine. I haven't tried Winterport wine so I will definitely look into it.

      Thanks and happy new year!

      1. re: gourmandadventurer

        Phone ahead to Bartlett's they are pretty much shut from Oct.-May. Their dry oak bluberry was featured in Wine Investor Magazine a few years ago.
        Ray's stone ground mustard in Eastport
        Fish smoke houses in Hancock (Sullivan Bay), Stonington, Belfast (Duck Trap)
        Micro Breweries in Bar Harbor: Bar Harbor Brewery (On Mt Desert St. opp. the town square), Maine Coast Brewery at Jack Russell' Steak House and Atlantic Brewery (in Town Hill at the head of the island)
        Beech Hill Farms (part of College of the Atlantic) good goat cheese.
        Off the top of my head, that's it. I give it a further thunk.
        If you x-country ski, bring you skis for the carriage path in Acadia.
        Have fun,

    2. You didn't say when you're going; some of these are seasonal.

      --Tandoor Downeast, in Franklin, for prepared Indian foods.
      --Wildflour Bakery, in Steuben, excellent baked goods
      --Painted Pepper Farm, in Steuben, fabulous goat cheese and goat gelato, granolas, preserves, maple syrup and other goodies (organic farm, Nigerian dairy goats).
      --Sullivan Harbor Smokehouse, Hancock
      --Grindstone Neck Smokehouse, Gouldsboro
      --Blue Hill Hearth, Blue Hill (outstanding breads)
      --Four Season Farm, Harborside (exquisite fresh produce in season)
      --Sunset Acres, Brooksville (goat cheeses and milk)
      --Nervous Nellie's, Deer Isle (fabulous jams and jellies)
      --Black Dinah Chocolatiers, Isle au Haut
      --MDI Ice Cream, Bar Harbor
      --Seal Cove Farm, Lamoine (goat cheese)
      --Pectic Seafood, Trenton and Hall Quarry)
      --Morton's, Ellsworth (ice cream and gelato)
      --Atlantic Game Meats, Hampden

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      1. re: Mainegal

        Great list!
        There is also the organic seaweed place in Franklin.
        Eliot Coleman green houses in Cape Rosier. Next to the Nearing Homestead.
        There are still some we're missing!
        Merry Christmas and great skiing!

        1. re: Passadumkeg

          Coleman's place is Four Season Farm in Harborside, on Cape Rosier.

          There's also Shalom winery in Franklin.
          And Spencer's Ice Cream, near Bangor, in... damn, can't think of the name of the town, the one near the logging village
          And Monica's Chocolates in Lubec
          And Bold Coast Smokehouse in Lubec (smoked salmon kebabs)
          And The Farm bakery in Jonesboro (whoppie pies)
          And (I'm getting hungry, must go in search of leftovers)