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Dec 22, 2008 05:53 AM

Rib Roast Side Dishes?

I'm making a rib roast with au jus for Christmas, but need ideas on what sides should accompany the main dish. Salad, bread and dessert ideas are also welcome!

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  1. We always have scalloped potatoes and a simple mixed green salad. And crusty on the outside, soft on the inside bread.

    1. Decadently creamed spinach....if Boston Market is in your area, I'd simplify life by buying pints of theirs, but don't bother with the frozen supermarket version with the BM label. It's very disappointing. Trader Joe's frozen creamed spinach is also quite good, but BM's is better, made with onions and an Alfredo sauce.

      Whipped parsnips with butter and nutmeg....although late winter/spring-dug parsnips are sweeter, so a touch of maple syrup or honey might be needed.

      1. It's such a versatile main dish I wouldn't worry about trying to match up side dishes the same way I might if I were serving say, fish. With that said, scalloped potatoes, cheese pearl onions, and creamed spinach pop into my head first. Those are all pretty heavy side dishes so maybe go with a strongly flavored, yet refreshing salad. Something like arugula, watercress, or dandelion greens would be nice. Bread is bread... what exactly are you looking for there? With dinner, no matter what it is, I always go after a crusty baguette or something similar.

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          In a reply to myself - that's pretty funny that 3 people came up with very similar ideas right about the same time. That should help guide you through your selections!

        2. Cooks Illustrated has a recipe for individual Yorkshire puddings in their Nov./Dec. 2002 issue. Super easy and a fun thing to serve. I'd tried to copy a link but it didn't work. But if you google it, you'll find it easily.

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            I always do garlic mashed potatoes when I make rib roast. You have to have something for the au jus, right?

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              Agreed...mashed potatoes mashed potatoes mashed potatoes! With lots and lots of garlic and cheese...oh yum. I also always do homemade sourdough rolls (because I'm a carb whore) and then sauteed fresh green beans. Yummy.

          2. We are having a rib roast as well and sides are 1) 7 herb green salad 2) Roasted root vegetables with gremolata 3) Potatoes rosti ( the latter 2 are from Sunday Suppers) and for dessert chocolate pots de creme ...will start with gougeres and champagne Yummmm