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Dec 21, 2008 10:21 PM

HELP! Ham Dilema for Christmas Eve

I have never cooked a ham, but my cousin brought one for Thanksgiving that was a fully cooked spiral ham, that he cooked in his crockpot. It was wonderful. He did not give and actual recipe, but said that he cooked it for a long time in his crockpot, and used Coke, and the packet of sauce that the ham came with, and some brown sugar and pineapple and mustard...Questions...I have a large crockpot, but what if the ham is too large to go in? Could I cut it in pieces to fit? Also, do you marinate the night before in Coke? How does the glaze stay on the ham if there is coke poured over it? Help...My Mother whose oven is on the blink, bought this ham at Sam's today, so I don't know how big it is, and I am being volunteered to make it in the crockpot as he did..ANY help would be appreciated, as there are high hopes from my family that this will be at least if not MORE delicious that my cousin's because they think that I am a culinary genius, but I have never cooked or seen anyone cook a Coco Cola ham in the slowcooker! My Mom wants to slice it and serve on little rolls for sandwiches....

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  1. Because the ham is fully cooked, the coke is kind of a moot point. You could use the coke, but it will most likey steam in the liquid. A fully cooked spiral ham only needs to be heated in the oven. Follow the directions on the package. I cook hams for work, but they're cheap hams @ 1.49lb. I slice them and heat them up with a bottle of gingerale so they dont dry out( I'm cooking for 50 senior citizens).

    Nigella has a recipe for a coca cola ham, but it uses a raw ham that usually needs to be soaked before cooking( because they're very salty).

    But hey, hopefully others will chime in. I'm Jewish and we NEVER ate ham while I was growing up. I actually can't stand the stuff.

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      Are you sure he put this thing in a crock pot? You didn't get the instructions mixed up somewhere? From everything I've read it sounds like he cooked the GLAZE in a stock pot for a while and THEN spread it on the ham. From there you can put it in the oven and glaze it via the oven heat.

      I agree that you should only be putting this in the oven to reheat it. Crock pot spiral sliced ham sounds... well, horrible for a holiday dinner. The only time a ham like that should go into a pot is after you've eaten the whole thing and you're making ham and split pea soup out of the leftover bones and remaining bits of meat.

      If you still decide to go through with it #1 there is no way to glaze a ham if it's sitting in a pot of liquid and #2 there's no way for the glaze to stay on it. #3 if you cook this in a crock pot you will not be slicing this ham to put it on sandwiches, you will be shredding this ham to put on sandwiches because that's what will happen to the meat. It will be falling apart, and not in a good way.

      My very strong suggestion is to clarify exactly what your cousin did. If it were me, I would be looking for recipes for a ham glaze that I can cook in the oven.

      (sorry - supposed to be a response to jinet12, not Calipoutine)

      1. re: HaagenDazs

        Yes, I am sure that he said that he cooked it in the crockpot, and it was a spiral cut ham, cooked with coke, the packet of glaze that comes with the ham, some pineapple and don't know what else..." a little of this and that"...cooked it for hours...The ham is a half pound fully cooked spiral ham...I saw one recipe where it is cooked inside of a cooking bag inside of the crockpot...(who knew?)...If ANYONE out there knows how to do this, or at least knows a good coke glaze, chime in, as it would be greatly appreciated....Thanks

        1. re: jinet12

          A half pound? It's tiny.

          You can take coke, the glaze mix...add a little dried mustard and a dash of tabasco for the little bit of this and that...Still... you'd be better off with the Plum Glaze I listed below....

          1. re: TrishUntrapped

            Sorry, I meant a 7 lb 1/2 spiral ham....

          2. re: jinet12

            Again, perhaps more specifically, if this is being cooked in a crock pot with coke and other liquid ingredients, you will NOT get a glaze. You'll get some liquid on the outside that tastes of the ingredients included in the cooking liquid (basically a braising liquid), but it's far from a glaze.

            Also, as Trish mentioned, a half a pound of ham is incredibly tiny. I do assume that was a typo? If not, then you're going to have one very hungry family on Christmas Eve!

      2. This is my best advice: Make the glaze I am linking to below. It is absolutely delicious!!!! Plus this recipe gives instructions on how to handle your ham. (That kind of sounds naughty, but I am trying to be nice),1627,1...

        As to some of your questions:

        1. Yes you could cut the ham up to fit in the crockpot, but I think you are better off baking it in the oven.

        2. You could make a glaze with the coca cola and spread it on the ham, rather than soak it in a crockpot of coke. Don't use a ton of coke, too watery.

        1. If the ham fits in the crockpot but is sticking up a bit so you can't put the lid on, cover it with heavy duty aluminum foil. Works just fine. But if it's too big around to fit in the crockpot at all, then you'll need to bake it in the oven. You can recreate the crockpot atmosphere by tightly wrapping heavy duty aluminum foil over the top.

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          1. re: Morganna

            Have you done this? I need the oven space and it's going to be hard to do a turkey and ham. A crockpot would be great but I'm afraid it'll steam the ham instead of heating it. Do you add anything other than the sauce? Thanks.

            1. re: chowser

              I haven't done this with a ham, but I just did it twice last week when I made pulled pork from a whole pork shoulder. It stuck up above my crockpot and I covered it with heavy duty aluminum foil. Worked a treat. :)

          2. I cooked ham in coke (using Nigella's recipe) for the first time this Saturday for a party we were having. There was not a single morsel left within half an hour of it being uncovered. I think it went down very well.!!

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            1. re: jenjenjen

              Nigella's is baked, not crockpotted as I recall.

            2. The last time I did a ham, I did it in my crockpot. It was a pre cooked spiral ham, like what you've got. What I noticed, is that the glaze I poured over the top, didn't stick. Instead, it ran to the bottom. So instead of having the top of the ham be the tasty part, it was the bottom. Presentation-wise, it wasn't an issue, because it was just me and my husband. I'm doing a ham again for New Years Eve, and I plan to heat it in the crockpot again, but reserve some of the glaze. I'm going to pop it under the broiler and spoon the reserved glaze over the top to get that pretty presentation we like.

              One thing that I do with my hams, is mix the glaze packet with orange juice instead of water, and stick thinly sliced oranges in between the spiral slices.