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Dec 21, 2008 10:08 PM

My visit to the Park, in Echo Park...

So my old roomie and I decided to celebrate our holiday dinner tonight at the Park on Sunset Blvd. Quaint and intimate, the hostess was very friendly - giving it that neighborhood vibe. They sat us immediately and the waitress read off the specials.

We shared: The corn cakes with shrimp and chorizo and Matzo ball soup as a starter.

He had: The Jidori Chicken

I had: The Brisket

The corn cakes came first. More like that of a blini, but was cold and a little soggy. Flavor was good, but could have used a little more spice...

The soup was pretty standard, and a little on the sweet side. I am just getting over a cold and thought it would be good to get some soup. Was lukewarm. Have had better but was not terrible.

The brisket was extremely tender, but a bit on the dry side. My potato was cold and the sauce was flavorful. Loved the wilted greens underneath.

My roomie's chicken was good, but would have liked to see the skin a bit crispier to savor. French fries were a little soggy, and arugula salad was bland...

It definitely has potential, and will visit again come the new year. If anything, the plates need to be sent out a lot hotter. Nothing is worse than room temp food. But they were very nice and love the idea of a local hang to get some good grub. Will definitely give in another whirl in a few months.

The spaghetti and meatballs looked amazing! Will have to try that next!

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  1. Yes, agree about the corn cakes. They were floppy and not very appealing. They should be cooked at a higher temperature and possibly more fat for a crisper edge.

    This place has potential and a lot of casual neighborhood charm. They just need to practice a little more with execution and more reliable service (as in, faster - they have friendly covered).

    Also completely agree about temperature of food, here and in general. I want my food piping hot if that is the way it's meant to be served. This is especially true for soups. So many places seem to have a problem with this concept.

    1. Visited the Park last week and was not bolled over-
      It was fine-a bit cold inside on a rainy night-When I was wanting the place to warm up-It is not the most cozy room for dining-
      The brisket average
      The food does need to be pipping HOT !
      The service friendly enough

      It is a cute new addition to this area.