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Dec 21, 2008 09:23 PM

Sunday Casual French Quarter Dinner

Hello CH's,

My husband and i are seeing family in Baton Rouge for a few days then heading to New Orleans for a couple nights at the end of the trip this coming Saturday and Sunday. We made reservations at Stella! for Saturday but on Sunday night, my husband wants something totally casual, and perfectly New Orleans. He is a southern boy, and loves his po boys.

Since we will most likely be exhausted from wandering around, anything around the French Quarter would be fine, stumbling distance from our hotel room. We will be burnt out on fine dining by then. So, best casual Sunday evening dining?

THANKS so much!


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  1. Johnny's Po-Boys, 511 St. Louis, closes at 4pm Sundays

    for a list and description of other places:

    Side Bar, 620 Conti is also good and serves later. I know they do burgers and sandwiches, but can't remember if any po-boys are the menu. I usually stick to their apps and salads.

    Elsewhere in the Qtr. for casual, Maspero's on Chartres, Acme, Felix's, Crescent City Brewhouse, Stanley, Coop's, Country Flame, Felipe's