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Dec 21, 2008 09:00 PM

Bloor Street Diner: Are they still good?

I want to take a friend out to a Christmas dinner at Bloor Street Diner this week. Are they still good? I have not been there in at least a year. The Studio Cafe: is there a new chef there? I'm looking at the downtown area. Any other places that are good for a Christmas dinner? Which is the best eggnog to buy: President's Choice?

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  1. I have a standing once a month date with a friend of mine at Bloor Street Diner. I'm not sure if the food is, or for that matter, ever was good but it certainly fits our bill. The service can be inconsistent but they always leave us be, sometimes for up to 2-3 hours catching up. We don't order a lot of alchol either so it's very appreciated that they don't try to get us on our way. The food is okay, nothing really stands out, we usually order a pasta dish. I have to say that the place is always busy so they must be doing something right. I love the location. For us it's perfect!! And the prices are fairly reasonable. Surprisingly, there's not a lot of choice in that area either unless you want to venture out in to the cold to Yorkville.

    1. I agree with Millygirl. BSD is good but not great.

      Check out this recent thread re eggnog:

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        I also agree...we frequently have dinner after a movie at the Varsity..I have had Eggs Benedict (decent) Roast Beef Dinner (which was excellent) there are usually four of us and I can't recall a complaint about the Food ever does get a bit 'cheek by jowl' and have heard many a conversation without trying...that said, we've always had prompt and good service from the waitstaff who are pretty skilled at navigating the back room which is where we always choose to sit..perhaps it's less 'crowded' in the dining room part of the place?

      2. Ew! I think I actually HATE the Bloor Street Diner! My husband and I always ended up eating there before seeing movies at the Varsity, and every time we left scratching our heads asking ourselves why we kept going there. The prices are way too high for what is deeply mediocre food and service. "Mediocre" is a generous description. Once my cocktail was even garnished with a mouldy raspberry!

        I would eat at Seven West on Charles St. west of Yonge instead — it has a lovely cozy ambiance, the food is inexpensive and reliably tasty (try the hotbread or the moroccan chili). The service is quite slow, though.

        7 West
        7 Charles St W, Toronto, ON M4Y1R4, CA

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          "Holy Cow"...sarah cat!!
          To each his/her own I guess...we've not had a bad /mediocre experience and that's all I can judge the place by...

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            I've had good luck with the Bloor Street Diner too and agree that it's a solid choice in the Bloor/Yorkville neighbourhood (not excellent, but very decent value). I like the salad nicoise and the wine choices are not bad. I've never had problems with food or service.

            Also, while Seven West is charming, it's a much more casual choice than BSD and I wouldn't think of them as great substitutes for one another.

            1. re: Sarah Cat

              True, Seven West is a lot more casual... but in the immediate vicinity, it's the only decent place that comes to mind. A more upscale spot that regularly gets good reviews is One in that hotel on Hazelton, I think it is ... I think it's pretty pricy, but I've been meaning to go there for a while.

              One Restaurant
              116 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto, ON M5R 1C2, CA

            2. I agree with the negative review via Sarah Cat. i have a certain family member who lives across the street and am monthly subjected to eating brunch here b/c of the supposed convenience for other family coming in from the 905. terrible food. never had an issue with service.

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                Had a brunch there about a month ago, it was my first time and pretty disappointing. There was no one to seat us, so we had to get someone from the kitchen (as the kitchen was near the entrance) to get someone for us. But no one really came around, so we kinda walked into seat ourselves as there were plenty of tables available, then only then someone walked out and said "we will seat you soon". That was about 8 minutes - no line up, lots of tables available, not crazy busy, why does this have to be an issue!

                Then the food... it was okay. Nothing special at all.

              2. If it were me, I'd prefer to go to Studio Cafe for a nice Christmas dinner. Sample menus at the very bottom of this page -

                It does look like there is a new exec chef there, according to -
                but I don't know anything more than that.

                In our household, Beatrice eggnog has been the favourite.