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Dec 21, 2008 07:02 PM

Red Line Burger (Great burgers in Lynnwood)

My kid's preschool class did a field trip to Red Line Burger in Lynnwood, (20801 HWY 99), and afterwards he told me about it. My 5-year old is a Chowhound!

Anyway, they have fantastic burgers. They use hormone free beef, and dang, they taste great, cause they're made to order. There are only four main variations of burgers, and so far, I've tried three. My favorite is the Wheelie, which is Teriyaki basted with grilled pineapple. The owner said they usually shoot for medium rare burgers, but will go more rare if you ask for it.

They also do baskets, (Cod, Prawns, Oysters, Chicken strips). I had the Oysters which were ok, but I think the burgers here are the stars. I have to say though, the fries are on the soggy side. My kids love watching the raw whole potatoes go into the fry maker which cuts them into strips before frying. The fries are sprinkled with sea salt, and taste best at the start, but as they cool, they do start getting limp and sad.

Onion rings are hot and crispy though. I've yet to try the deep fried Mushrooms, but that's next!

It's a clean, tiny place, with about 4 tables, and a counter. I highly recommend the burgers!

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  1. I agree - they do a great burger here! The bacon is super crispy and they are very generous with it. The owners are super nice, hard-working and eager to please. It is a nice, clean place for a great burger

    1. Sounds like a great place to try.

      1. Finally stopped by today.
        I had the Red Line burger and fries. Huge serving of the fresh fried fries. I couldn't finish mine.
        The beef was very tasty.
        Burger came with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles. The leaf lettuce was fresh and crisp. The bun was a bit soft for my personal taste. The owner was the one and only there. He was very amiable and proud to talk about his business. He has been open for about 6 months.
        I hope we can support this small, local business. I like seeing folks making their dreams come true.

        1. Great burgers made to order....Hand cut fries were excellent.

          Another great inexpensive spot for a value meal in Lynnwood

          Anybody been to the San Fernando Roasted Chicken place across the grass from Redline?

          1. I'm gonna have to swing by there tomorrow. Glad to have places to try up here instead of having to drive down to Seattle.