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Dec 21, 2008 06:39 PM

Help! Out of corn syrup for marshmallows...

I'd like to make marshmallows for Christmas Eve tomorrow and I forgot to pick up corn syrup for my recipe. I have tons of honey lying around though. Can I sub it, or will it taste weird?


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  1. Go to the other Marshmallow Question thread; there's a link to a HUGE egullet thread on marshmallows. I read the whole thing yesterday (lots of downtime), and at least one person made it with honey instead-- said it was very good, you can taste the honey, but if it's a strongly flavored marshmallow, it won't come through. I'm hoping to make some tomorrow, too, have fun!

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    1. Please post the results of the honey expirament!! I have a little marshmallow obsession, and I love to try new flavors. Honey could keep me busy until spring!

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      1. re: mamaciita

        It was such an adventure, I wrote it up on my blog.

        I'll know for sure how it turned out tomorrow, but flavor wise it's pretty darn good.

      2. I cut these today. They are even better than I remembered! I took the advice of one of my commenter and added some cinnamon to the powdered sugar. Absolutely delicious! I think I'll wait until I have a candy thermometer before trying again, but I think I'd do this again sometime.