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Dec 21, 2008 06:13 PM

MSP Cocktails around 494 and Hwy 7?

My uncle and I will be having cocktails tomorrow (Monday 12/07) and I am a little mystified as to where we should go. Ridgedale isn't far but offers no place special.

I'd like to go somewhere festive where the bartender knows how to make a good martini. Also a place that has good nibbly appetizers would be great.

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  1. Ridgedale has Origami West. Unless you're completely opposed to Japanese food, that's pretty special.

    1. Christos, a Greek restaurant with a bar, is just west of the 494 and 7 interchange. Famous Dave's is also just west of the interchange. At 7 and 101 there is Prima with a nice bar. Other than that there is not much around that area. Six miles west from the interchange on 7 is Excelsior with Jake O'Connor's Public House.

      1. The challenge is "festive" on a Monday in that area. Off of Crosstown and Shady Oak Road, to the north at Blue Circle Drive are a couple of places. both names escape me. One used to be Sherlock's Home and is now something else. The other has been so many things that I stopped keep track a while ago.

        To the south of the Crosstown/Shady Oak interchange is Woody's Shady Oak Grill (probably not exactly what you want) and -- a tiny bit further -- is Campiello.

        1. Actually, I would go to Ridgedale and go to Bacio. Although it can get very busy. It's def. the most festive.

          Another option would be to go to downtown Hopkins and go to Gusto wine bar. I'm not sure about the martini - they used to do really good ones, but that bartender left - but it's nice and quiet and the appetizers are good.

          Campiello, as mentioned below, is always solid. The place that used to be Sherlock's is Jimmy's. The food is pretty basic (though the crabcakes are good) but the drinks are usually very good.

          1. Thanks to all for the suggestions. And thanks too for not ribbing me about my date dyslexia - good golly I meant to type 12/22. Weird.

            We wound up at Blue Point where the martinis were excellent.

            Happy New Year.

            Blue Point Restaurant & Bar
            739 East Lake Street, Wayzata, MN 55391